If The 6 Types Of Girls You See During Spring Break Were Disney Princesses

If The 6 Types Of Girls You See During Spring Break Were Disney Princesses

Spring Break has something for everyone.


Spring Break means something different for everyone. Sometimes it means hitting the beach and showing off that bikini bod. Sometimes it means sleeping until well past noon for a week straight.

Spring Break offers something for everyone. Here are six types of girls on Spring Break, as demonstrated by Disney princesses!

1. The Beach-Goers

These are the girls who spend their week tanning, swimming, and searching for seashells. Although they probably won't find any dinglehoppers.

2. The Sleepers

These are the girls who spend their week catching up on all the sleep they missed during midterms. Their families may make snarky comments when they finally roll out of bed at 1 PM, but we've all been there, haven't we? Absolutely no judgment here!

3. The Adventurers

These are the girls who can't sit still for more than five minutes. When you ask them what they did over Spring Break, you get some crazy story that involves traveling to some faraway places and doing out-of-this-world things.

4. The Cleaners

These are the girls who spend their vacation from the academic world getting the rest of their lives back in order. You'll often find them cleaning their rooms, organizing desk drawers, or running around doing the errands they've been putting off since Christmas.

5. The Bookworms

These are the girls who are happy to spend their break reading, whether it be for school or for pleasure. You'd be surprised by how many books a girl can finish in just one week.

6. The Chefs

Finally, we have the girls who are sick of ramen noodles and spend their week in the kitchen making real food for once. These are also typically the girls whose families are most grateful to have them home.

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