6 Truths Girls Who Love Sports Know Too Well

When you’re a girl who loves sports you put up with a lot. For any girl who has played a sport or actively follows, you know exactly how annoying some things can be. So here is a list of things girls who are sports fans know to be true.

1. No one believes you know anything about the game.

I feel like every time I go to watch a game I am also simultaneously playing 20 questions about the rules of said game with someone who is trying to prove you don’t understand what is happening. Yes, I understand the rules of the game which is why I am not asking you a million questions.

2. People still try to explain the game no matter how many times you tell them you already know.

Those who aren’t trying to prove you don’t understand the game just assume you don’t understand it and will spend the entire game explaining why the referees made the call they did or what happened during the play. When you tell them for the tenth time you don’t need anything explained to you, they just say ‘oh, okay,’ and proceed to explain more.

3. People always tell you to calm down.

It’s a game, I’m going to be obnoxiously loud in an attempt to make the players on the field or court hear me. You’re being just as loud, so why am I the one that needs to quiet down.

4. The team clothes for women is mostly atrocious.

Anything pink or bedazzled is not what I want to wear to a game. All I want is a simple jersey that is not bedazzled and has the appropriate colors of my team. Apparently, I have to go to the men’s section to get it.

5. You always get asked if your boyfriend dragged you to watch the game.

No, I came out of my own accord because I never miss a game.

6. As soon as the game starts, it’s all worth it.

There is nothing like watching your team fight all the way to the end and watching them win.

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