6 Tips To Improve Your Sleep Patterns If You Feel Sleep-Deprived
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6 Tips To Improve Your Sleep Patterns If You Feel Sleep-Deprived

Being sleep deprived is one of the most common health concerns we face daily and it is now time we take a stand against it

6 Tips To Improve Your Sleep Patterns If You Feel Sleep-Deprived

Due to our hectic work schedules and social activities, we sometimes forget the importance of sleep for our mental health and physical wellbeing. Being sleep deprived is one of the most common health concerns we face daily and it is now time we take a stand against it. Oftentimes, you will notice yourself tossing and turning around despite coming home after a long tiring day. Your mind will continue racing with creative ideas for your next project or personal-life-related stress.

According to scientific research published in the Frontiers of Neuroscience, being sleep deprived can lead to a decrease in work performance usually observed via mistakes and erratic behavior. Neglecting the significance of sleep on an individual’s overall performance during tasks is a sign of major concern.

A racing mind is a great indicator of your sharp cognitive abilities, but it has to pause, de-stress, and stop when you are sleeping. Moreover, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and obesity is enhanced due to imbalances in the circadian rhythm alongside the sleep-wake cycles.

Here are a few tips you can use to get the steller 8-hour sleep you have been yearning for ages!

Turn Off All Your Notifications

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Before you wrap yourself under your cozy blanket and soothing pillow, please turn off all your distractions i.e., phone and laptops. You want to snooze any type of notifications or alerts you get to maximize your potential of getting the optimum quality of sleep you need. Those emails can wait to be answered the following day when you are up bright and early fully energized to seize the day!

Pamper Yourself With A Hot Bubble Bath & Aromatherapy

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A rejuvenating hot bubble water bath filled with magnificent music based on your interest alongside a romantic novel is the delightful ambiance you would want to create once you arrive home after a busy day! Another icing on the cake would be to decorate your bathroom with radiant candles that can purify your heart and soul with their fragrance. As a matter of fact, aromatherapy with lavender and peppermint essential oils elicit an intoxicating fragrance that act as vital catalysts to improve sleep patterns and decrease anxiety levels.

Meditate & Take A Chill Pill

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Taking deep breaths while meditating has proven to be of immense therapeutic value. Meditating can remove unnecessary clutter from your mind and increase mental resilience. You will be better equipped to withstand any problems or concerns that come your way simply by taking the time to focus on the brighter things in life. All this takes is a little bit of effort multiplied by your innate enthusiasm!

Record Thoughts in Journal

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Recording your thoughts in a journal has been recommended to steer you in the right direction during times of distress and triumph. This activity can help you fall asleep at night because it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your day and work towards making each moment count. Sometimes paper and pen are the two most vital weapons to express your emotions which cannot always be conveyed via spoken words.

Eat a Healthy Diet

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Nutrition plays a huge role in your sleep patterns as well. Studies have demonstrated that a Mediterranean diet that is rich in high-fiber foods and lean meats strengthens the overall quality of sleep. Indulging in fruits, veggies, and a protein-based diet will increase the melatonin levels at night causing you to fall sound asleep. A balanced moderate intake of crucial vitamins and minerals will also exemplify your mood by reducing cortisol levels which can help you fall asleep faster.

Drink a Warm Glass of Milk & Avoid Caffeine

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Drinking a warm glass of milk and avoiding caffeine are two additional ways to trigger a peaceful night slumber. You would want to avoid consuming any type of energy or alcoholic beverages that will stimulate amplified energy levels making it difficult for you to fall asleep. In fact, science has revealed that lavender tea can impact the sleep quality of individuals in conjunction to alleviating depression-like symptoms.

Nevertheless, it is extremely critical that we all prioritize our sleep more amidst our hectic schedules since without it we wouldn’t have the stamina to carry on with our daily activities. Our energies are strongly contingent upon how well-rested and stress-free we are since that determines our mental and physical well-being.

So the next time you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, try utilizing these 6 tips to guide you in making lifestyle changes that can tremendously impact your overall quality of sleep and happiness!

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