"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." Andy Warhol. Running a successful business is the best art as said by Andy. But before starting a business, there are a lot of things which need to be considered and planned before setting up a business.

A start-up business needs a business plan, financing, man force and (of course) an insurance plan.

Starting a business is not easy and can be tricky at times when resources are not utilized properly, one can overspend or underspend. Taking good care of resources and utilizing them properly is an important step towards setting up a new business and making it successful.

It's always better to spend hours discussing your business matters with lawyers, entrepreneurs, insurance brokers and accountants to figure out the important steps to take while setting up the new business. Below are six points that are essential to know so that you can invest the right skills, steps and resources in establishing a business.

1. Selecting a business name

Always choose the right name for your business and the one whose internet domain is also available. Also, get the trademark for your business name so that it will be registered and avoid getting copied by someone else. Selecting the name is the first step towards attracting the audience so the name should be unique, meaningful and engaging.

After selecting the available business name, purchase the internet domain and register the business name so that you can fully own the business name.

2. Budgeting the business finances

Starting a new business can be very tiring in terms of finance. Learning to spend the right amount of time is really important not only for your pocket but also for the success of your new business venture. Sometimes spending less or more than the needs of your business can cost you more.

Always try to understand the situation when making any decision about spending resources into a start-up. Managing your resources is important, but getting up to date with technology also plays a vital role in the establishment.

3. Dealing with legal matters

Understanding the rules, policies, regulations and taxes is key for your new business. Following the business regulations and paying the right amount of taxes is essential for any business, so it is good to do some initial research on these matters and then consult everything with a lawyer to get legal advice.

The two most important things to consult with the lawyer are:

Ensuring that the right amount of tax is applicable to the service or product you are providing to the people (if applicable) and knowing the essential licensing procedures needed to carry on the new business.

Starting a business and then establishing it is very hard but putting the accurate skills and administration can deal with all the problems efficiently and contribute towards the prosperity of a business.

4. Ensuring protective measures

Ensuring the protection and security of newly built business is very important. Nowadays various insurance companies are available in the market but choosing the right business insurance provider is key. Insurance package varies depending upon the nature of the business. For example, the manufacturing business needs full protection of its manufactured products in case of any tragedy and unforeseen circumstances.

First, you should dig deep into your business to understand every aspect so that you can look for the appropriate insurance package for your business needs.

At first, understanding things can be hard at times but the more you know your own business the more efforts you will put in for its betterment.

5. Dealing with personal life

The most essential part of your new business venture is you and it's not the only business you are dealing with. You also have a personal life to spend and manage. Always look first for your own circumstances and personal family commitments to ensure you can easily manage the new venture. The workload can be way too much in the starting years of your business so be prepared for it and don't give up.

After starting a new business you'll have to learn the art to manage all things parallelly. Whenever you see a well-established business, it's not built overnight. There are months and years of effort behind a successful business and if you're aiming for such success, then you'll have to be ready for doing such efforts.

6. Way of marketing

With advancements in technology and digital media, different means of marketing and advertisement are available these days like social media marketing, television ads, AdWords, email marketing and many more. Depending upon the nature of business and services it provides to customers is key while choosing the right marketing medium for your business.

Spreading the newly launched business to the users and customers is a way to increase sales and its growth. If people don't know about the business, how come they will buy your products and services.

Marketing is a process to present your services and products to people who may be interested to buy them.

Always choose the right medium while targeting your intended audience. And never forget your competitors. It can be too early to talk about competitors, but knowing their strengths and weaknesses is important so you work on your business accordingly and provide people with better services than your competitors.

Only some of the important points are discussed here which you should always keep in mind before daring to start a new business.

A business-minded person always observers their surroundings with a business point of view and it is very good for their own business. Apart from the points mentioned above, you can try to do business in your field of interest to put extra effort into the activities you personally like to do rather than those which you don't like.

In a nutshell, there are various factors which play important role in the development and success of a business and understanding of those factors is crucial for the entrepreneurs.