6 Thoughts Every UCR Student Has In June

As the end of Spring Quarter is coming closer, a million things are running through are minds. Other than the fact that we are thinking of sleep and food more often than we would like to admit, these are just some of the other thoughts that can cross our minds as the quarter ends.

1. When will this quarter end?!

At this point, with one week left and finals, all of us are itching to be out of the classroom. It feels like we should have ended classes a long time ago.

2. It's getting hot here

Besides the fact that we have random days that are cold and cloudy, it is starting to get pretty hot. Which means no seating anywhere inside because no one wants to be sitting in the heat.

3. When are my finals again?

Even though we know finals week is coming up and the end of classes are near, it does not mean that we are ready for each final. We need all of the time that we can get to prepare for these finals. [Enter panic mode.]

4. Do I really need to take summer classes?

If you're not graduating, or even if you are, summer classes are not fun. It's hot and it's a busy 5 weeks. But you do get ahead or catch up on the classes you need in order to graduate.

5. I really don't need to take summer classes

Until you look back at the way this year went or after checking your degree requirements. Then you really need them. Like really need them.

6. Do I really have to go home this summer?

And if you don't have to take summer classes, and you aren't excited to go home, going home seems like the worst thing to do at this point. No friends from school or fun college activities for a few months. Even if you are escaping from the campus heat, or not, sometimes going home means giving up a lot of what you are used to while being at school.

What are some of your thoughts at the end of the year?

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