6 Things You Should Definitely Do If Your Mom Is Visiting You At College

Moms: they brought us into this world and raised us up to be the (generally) self-adjusted human beings we are today. But once you left the nest, you probably became a bit more free-spirited than your mom knows about. Here are just a few of the things you'll do when your mom comes to visit you at school.

1. Hide everything

Evidence of sloppy alcohol-driven nights? Gone. Abandoned shacker clothes? What abandoned shacker clothes? Stolen items from parties? Never existed.

2. Train your friends/roommates

Makes sure they don't slip up and tell your mom about that tattoo you got last semester or how many guys you've made out with in the last month.

3. Clean

Like deep clean. Not just throw away your Taco Bell wrappers. Dig out a working vacuum clean. Generic Pledge clean.

4. Pretend to be poor(er)

Empty your fridge, hide all your good clothes, and say "I'm hungry" all the time. If all else fails she'll take you to grocery store, probably.

5. Laundry

Make her believe you do laundry every week like a normal human being instead of wearing your leggings for the fourth day in a row.

6. Panic

Realize that there's no way you can trick her into thinking you're still the perfect angel you were when you left and panic about what she's gonna do when she gets here.

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