6 Things I Will Never Apologize For

6 Things I Will Never Apologize For

This may piss some people off.

I have anxiety. If you know me, you may be aware that every time I do something I think is wrong, I am quick to say "I'm sorry." Recently, however, that perspective has changed. I do not want to purposefully apologize for things I know are not wrong. So, with that being the flame to start my fire, I decided to use Odyssey to express the things that I refuse to apologize for.

1) Using my "woman card."

Look, it's 2016. If you still are in the stone ages and believe that women should not have basic needs like equal pay, then what world are you living in. I know that many people feel that 78 cents for every dollar is not a big difference, but at the end of the day, it adds up. The fact that we even have to have this discussion in 2016 is quite honestly a slap in the face to women who have fought for years trying to get this settled.

2) Being a liberal.

My family uses the term "liberal" as if it is derogatory. LOL. I am proud that I was able to discover my own personal beliefs and not adhere to the traditional Southern Republican stigma. I know that it makes me a bit of an outcast to them, but the fact that I believe in basic rights for all human beings keeps my passion for certain issues alive.

3) Opening up to people.

I have some serious trust issues from when I was a child, and it shows as an adult. When I do choose to open up to people, it takes a lot of internal courage. Not only that, I have to resist the urge to cry, as I do not wish to show that kind of emotion. When you do see that side of me, it is something large. If not to you, at least to me.

4) Crying.

I know I just mentioned how much I hate crying, but it sometimes just feels good to let all kinds of pent up emotion out. My triggers can be strange at times, but when I do cry, it's something I don't apologize for. Every now and then, it's a necessary time for me to say, "okay, I have had enough."

5) Not wanting kids

Women have the idea that they must have children instilled in them at a very young age. Personally, when I look at the future, kids are not in it. I know that kids are not apart of the equation, at least for now.

6) Being myself.

One of the things that I take a lot of pride in is the fact that even though I have had a lot of adversity in my life, I still have remained true to myself. Now more than ever, I am taking that passion for being me and pushing it to new heights. I only hope that I can encourage other amazing women to do the same. At the end of the day, I am happy with who I see in the mirror. Are you?

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4 Tips For Introverted Millennials On Networking with smaller social circles

Shy and anti-social people need jobs, too.


Keeping a small social circle is something that I've taken pride in nearly all of my life. But a few years ago, I realized that having a large social circle is essential for networking and job opportunities.

Initially, I was disturbed by this. Making shallow friendships for gained opportunities? It gave me an ill feeling in the pit of my stomach. This is coming from someone that enjoys genuine friendships.

Back then, I just kept thinking about how I would not want someone using me because of who I know or my position in a job or society in general.

As I'm making my way out of the collegiate sphere and into the real world, I'm realizing that these shallow connections and short bonds are the secrets to success for a lot of people in many industries.

As the saying goes, "It's not who you know but what you know."

So, for us introverted people who may be absolutely BAD at small talk, bad at using social media or dislike social interactions in general, we're maybe screwing ourselves out of opportunities.

Here are a few tips to use your natural behaviors in conversation as a skill for networking without feeling you're living a lie.

1. Be A Listener


Prevent excessive energy drainage from your social interaction.

You may not be a talker to begin with. This is great because most people like to talk about themselves. Just be a listening ear for them, and they may take you.

2. Use Your Observational Skills


If you notice something that they don't, don't be afraid to speak up. This will come in handy when you have to work in or with large groups of people.

3. Independent Thinking/Working Can Get You Ahead


Outside of a working atmosphere, you may not see the opportunity to share your unique ideas. However, in a social setting, don't be afraid to share your thoughts--briefly, if need be.

4. Your Closest Friends May Be Your Biggest Resources


If you're like me, you attract extroverted people. (I'm not sure why I do, but the relationships end up balanced). Use them as a connection. Their social circle is most likely a lot larger than yours.

If you are truly friends, ask them for a favor to further your career. They won't feel used because your relationship is genuine. If most of your friends are introverted as well, they may still be able to connect you to the others that they are close to.

Of course, getting out of your comfort zone is beneficial as well. But, not everyone is capable of that without feeling embarrassed or making others feel uncomfortable.

Practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to get out there and make sure you get the same benefits as everyone else.

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