In terms of high school stereotypes, a few come to mind right off the bat: jock, geek, goth, loner, etc.

There's a special group that often gets overlooked in this category, however, and that group is the theater kids. Loud, crazy, and, you guessed it, dramatic, this high school clique shares a special bond over Broadway cast recordings and insane rehearsal schedules. I found myself in this group for the majority of high school and loved every minute of it.

From you to me, here are six things theatre kids know to be true.

1. Checking the cast list after auditions can lead to a human stampede.

At least in my drama club, our cast lists were taped to the door at a certain time by our director, who would quickly run out of the way as the entirety of auditionees pushed and shoved to find out who had gotten the lead role. The scene after everyone had read the list was even more astounding: imagine tears of happiness, tears of sadness, anger, and shrugs of nonchalance all surrounding one door.

2. You usually have to cancel plans because of rehearsal.

Goodbye social life, hello musty theater! The show season in theatre usually means giving up any hope of making plans outside of lengthy rehearsals. Friend's birthday party? Can't, have rehearsal. Your mom's birthday? Can't, have rehearsal. Your own birthday? Forget about it. When a show needs to be put on, everything else is secondary. You might as well sleep at the theater.

3. Cast gossip is the best gossip.

Forget regular high school drama; when theater kids get to gossiping, the you-know-what can hit the fan pretty fast. I haven't been in a show where there wasn't at least one blow-up between cast members who started rumors about each other. Is Erin trying to steal Sarah's lead? Are James and Erica secretly hooking up in the dressing room after rehearsal? The off-stage drama you see in theatre is juicier than any reality TV show I've ever seen.

4. Stage makeup will have you breaking out for weeks.

When it comes time to do rehearsals in full makeup and hair, your skin will soon learn to HATE Ben Nye. Unlike your $40 Sephora high end foundation, stage foundation takes forever to blend and ends up sitting on your face, soaking into your pores. Foundation isn't where it stops, though. Expect fake eyelashes, blush so heavy it looks like clown makeup, and contour that makes you look like a skeleton.

5. Hamilton will be on repeat.

And so will every other Tony-nominated Broadway cast recording. You'll be in the minority if you can't rap every single word of "Alexander Hamilton" at the drop of a hat.

6. Your theatre friends are your family.

When you spend every waking minute with your cast for three months, you're bound to get extremely close. Who else can you belt your favorite musical theater album or grumble about missed cue lines with? These people know you better than anyone else, and you end up being extremely grateful for them (even if you can't stand them sometimes).

Theater kids can be obnoxious, rowdy, and loud, but you wouldn't trade being one of them for the world.