Many people have a preconception of communication studies major as your stereotypical basic white girl who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. I'm here to set the record straight and explain to you why a communication studies major is just as important as any major out there.

Often times when you tell people your a communication studies major, you get the response of a typical eye squint, a tilt of the head and of course a casual head bob. This is when you know the conversation is about to get interesting. Here are a few reactions and questions that I've picked up on since choosing my major.

1. "Oh that's interesting..."

You just know in your head that they really mean, "Oh god, what are they going to do with that?"

2. "What exactly is Communications?"

First of all, there is a huge difference between communication and communications. Communication is how messages are received and interpreted. It involves individuals exchanging messages-- essentially, it's human interaction. Communications is the distribution of the messages. Think of it as a system transmitting information through outlets like a telephone, TV or social media-- basically through technology. So I am a communication major not a communications major.

3. "What do you want to do with that? Do you want to be a news anchor?"

Just like most college students, not everyone is quite sure with what they want to do with their major. Communication studies majors may not have a clue with what they want to do, but the great part about it is that they have so many options on what they could do with their major. Jobs can vary from public relations, advertising, journalism, human resources, the entertainment industry, etc. So no, not everyone who is a Communication studies major wants to be a news anchor.

4. "What are you learning?"

Let me break it down for you, a communication major studies human interactions through messages that adapt to changing situations and audiences. Students also explore the history, processes, and effects of oral, written and mediated message. The thing that you and the person are doing right now, that's communication. We are sharing messages and with those messages we are encoding them then responding with feedback. There are so many elements to the communication major, allowing students to be able to focus in what interest them the most. So Communication Studies majors don't just breeze by classes, they learn how to become real effective communicators and have work just as hard.

5. "Can you get a 'real job' with that?"

Yes of course! Communication majors are needed in almost every industry now a days. Their skills are unique to others because what they learn in class directly applies to the real world. The subject is so broad and flexible that it can apply to most jobs in the world. So yes, you can find a 'real job'.

6. "Are you minoring in anything else?"

Ughhhhhh!! When someone else asks this, 95% of time it means that the person believes that this major isn't a practical enough to stand on its' own. Well did you know that these celebs were also communication majors? And I think they turned out just fine...