6 Things My First Semester Of College Taught Me

6 Things My First Semester Of College Taught Me

It's not what I thought it would be like.

College is something that most kids look forward to. It is the first time you are really on your own, can make decisions without asking your parents, and skip classes whenever you want to. Even though these things are all true, I am experiencing a ton of things I didn't expect since I came to college.

1. Everything seems really unorganized.

I am a very organized person. I function better when I know what is happening, what I have to do, and when I have to get it done. Since I’ve been in college, I don’t have a daily routine like I did in high school, and it kind of throws me off. Random things happen at random times of the day, and it’s hard for me to balance the time where I should be doing my homework or doing something fun

2. Get involved.

Literally, everyone says this when you go to college, but it really is important. I know people who are super involved, and some who aren’t involved in anything, and the ones who are involved have a lot more fun and keep busy. Sometimes it is overwhelming to be involved in too many things, but it’s good to learn what you can and can’t balance. Also, you make more friends when you are involved, and who doesn't like friends?

3. Don’t study in your dorm room.

I don’t know if this only happens to me, but whenever I study in my room I get really distracted or fall asleep. It’s good to find different places around campus to study. Changing spots every once in awhile can be refreshing and motivating.

4. You might never talk to the people from your high school again, or you might get close to them.

6 kids from my high school came to the same college as me. I got a lot closer to a couple of them, and have hardly talked to the other ones at all. I also feel closer to my friends who don’t go to the same school as me. I talk to them more than I thought I would, and it’s nice to talk to people you aren’t with all of the time

5. Stress is real, stress is bad.

Before I came to college, I had never been this stressed out in my life. I stress out about every class, homework assignment, exam, what I need to get done throughout the day, and so many other things. It’s definitely a good idea to do something fun and not focus on school ALL the time because breaks are 100% needed

6. Drink coffee.

Coffee is the best thing that has happened to me. It tastes good, it wakes you up, and it can be warm or cold. If you ever need to accomplish anything, drink coffee. I promise it will help you and make you feel better.

I knew college was going to be different from high school, but I didn’t really realize how much adjusting I would have to do until I got here. All of my high school teachers talked about how I was only going to have one exam a semester and that would be my final grade, but I actually have like 5 exams each semester for one class. I never expected college to be so crazy and overwhelming, but I love it.

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The 15 Terrifyingly Inevitable Stages Of The 'Sunday Scaries,' A College Horror Story

"...not to mention the false promise we've made to ourselves to never go out again... yeah right"

Before college, it was unheard of to put so much emphasis on Sundays but once that first Sunday hit me, right smack in the middle of my undergrad career, I knew. It's true what they say: once you know, you know. The Sunday scaries are real and I've lived through them a countless number of times.

1. "Waking up".

I put quotations on waking up because this won't be the first time you wake up. The Sunday scaries requires you to "wake up" at least three different times and within the various times, you'll wake up groggier than the last.

2. Waking up for the last time.

Who's to say when you'll get to bed for the night but this "last time" you'll be waking up to attack the day that is just complete torture.

3. The spins.

If you thought you had the spins at Toms just a mere few hours ago, then think again. Although these put a different kind of spin to things (pun intended), said spins will make you rethink going out next Tuesday... or really ever again.

4. Getting in contact with the rest of the fallen soldiers.

Actively reaching out to your friends via back-to-back texts, inquiring on whether or not they're alive is all part of the process.

5. Deciding if it's still breakfast.

Entirely dependent on the time in which we "wake up", it'll be another hour or so until everyone decides on whether or not it's still appropriate to eat omelets, home fries and sides of Bloody Marys and mimosas for lunch.

6. Having certain realizations throughout breakfast/brunch/lunch (or whatever we're calling it now).

By certain realizations I mean who the guy was that our friend snuck home with again, how many slices of pizza we had this time and if said number of slices went down easy or not.

7. Am I hungry again or do I just have to use the bathroom?

Honestly, the decision alone is only half the battle.

8. Yup, we're hungry again.

Regardless of what the final decision was, the next step is always hunger.

9. Sitting in front of our black screen of a laptop.

"Doing homework" all the while repeating the recap of the total debauchery that was this past weekend for the 12th time.

10. The scaries are now in full effect (if they weren't already).

Frantically sifting through our planners in front of a big, cold cup of green tea that we had no intention of ever finishing. "We have like, 2 exams, a presentation, two papers due and a group meeting all on the same day... who let us go out these past two nights!?"

11. Mac n cheese as a nightcap.

Immediately after we've come to terms with the impending doom to come, we settle our upset stomachs with whatever grease encrusted foods we can get our un-showered hands on. One can never go wrong with a pot of boxed mac n cheese.

12. Getting our last minute affairs together.

Throw up for the fourth time? Check. Take your third catnap of the day? Check. Shed a few tears over the piles of crop tops and distressed jeans all over our bedroom floor? Check.

13. Setting our fifty alarms.

Although we absolutely don't want to, there we go setting alarms for our 10:05's the following morning, whether or not it's through a face full of tears because of the scaries.

14. Staring into the darkness that is our room after lights out.

Not to mention the utter darkness that is the week ahead.

15. The finale of the scaries.

The moment we thought would never come: hair tied in that weird bun on the top of our heads, no pants and the biggest t-shirt we own.

The few hours of peacefulness we've managed to salvage (and not to mention the false promise we've made to ourselves to never go out again... yeah right).

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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