At the end of my first semester, I came to a realization: I wasn't exactly happy with the person that I was.

There aren't specific reasons for that, it sort of just seems to have happened but I decided that next semester was not going to be the same. I hate to call these New Years Resolution (since we all break those, even if we think we won't) so instead, I am just calling them things I want to be doing. They aren't attached to the New Year, it's just things that we can do to try and be better.

1. Drink more water

I've been trying to drink more water for the past few years for a number of reasons, but I've found that drinking water just makes me feel better, which seems to in turn make me happier. It's especially great when using a fun reusable water bottle (I'm absolutely in love with my S'Well).

2. Wake up earlier

You don't have to do anything drastic, but waking up a little bit earlier gives you a bit more of your day, and being up in the morning just feels right sometimes. Setting your alarm just five minutes earlier each week or every few days will have you waking up earlier in no time (and you might not even notice that you're doing it).

3. Try yoga

I love yoga. As a former dancer and figure skater, it was introduced to me at a young age in order to keep me flexible and in control of my body. Now, I like it to stay in shape and keep my mind focused. If you don't want to drop the money to go to classes (on that college budget, who really could?) you can find free videos on YouTube.

4. Eat cleaner

I'm not saying to completely give up the junk food, because why would I ever tell someone to do that when I am currently eating ice cream, I'm saying to eat better. Maybe try to add more fruit to your diet, even though it can be hard in the dining hall. Keeping oranges in your room and snacking on those will give you a better energy boost, and your skin might thank you for it.

5. Take some time for yourself

Sometimes, it's really hard to just be alone, what with everyone always around and sharing a room, but make sure to find the time for you. For me, I tend to drive around and sing along to music, but not everyone was allowed to have a car on campus.

Whatever it is, do it. You need the time to recharge, and you'll feel better if you do it.

6. Do nothing

Maybe it's on Sunday, or maybe it's on Friday night, or maybe it's Tuesday afternoon because you have no classes. No matter when it is, take some time and do absolutely nothing. Maybe you read or watch a movie, but no matter what, don't do anything strenuous.