I was clueless going into college. I didn't really know what to expect and the only advice I received was from my older brother who skipped more classes than he attended.

Pinterest was my best friend as I searched for blogs that could give me any advice for my first few days of classes. I found some things that helped, but here are the things I learned during the infamous syllabus week (as well as something I learned at orientation).

1. Not every teacher has the same grading system

And it's very different than the grading system used in high school.

2. Many teachers give incentives for going to class

Drop worst test grade, drop quiz grade, points added to final, to name a few.

3. You aren’t always able to take the classes you want

Even though there are more options, they fill up quickly and freshmen get the last choice for classes.

4. Teachers don’t really care what your excuse is for skipping class

Just ask another student what you missed and come in the next day prepared.

5. Don’t ask to go to the bathroom

Just go.

6. Freshmen professors give relatively the same amount of homework as high school teacher

But you will have less time to do it. You might have one week to write an essay rather than one month...