6 Summertime Makeup Struggles
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6 summer Makeup Struggles

You wanna look 100 but its also 100 degrees out.

6 summer Makeup Struggles

If you know me then you know more than anything I love makeup. My Youtube feed is literally all makeup bloggers and gurus teaching me new ways to contour, testing new products, and spilling tea on the makeup world. I spend a good bit of my paychecks on makeup products and will spend hours trying to create the perfect look.

That being said, I live in South Carolina where the heat is no joke especially in the summer time which means achieving a perfect makeup look is a huge struggle. Here's six things I know all my makeup lovers can relate to during the summertime and how to fix them:

1. Sweating your face off..literally


Who needs makeup wipes or micellar water? In the summer you literally just sweat every product you've applied right off by the end of the day thanks heat and humidity. On that note, this calls for two important things: 1. washing your face and 2. a good setting spray. We all know the importance of washing our faces but it is so important you do it during the summer because you're sweating more than you normally, your pores are wide open and you don't need to clog them with sweat, bacteria, and makeup. Setting spray! Primer! Get them and put them into your beauty routine they will help keep things intact like Urban Decay's All Nighter spray or Too Faced's Hangover primer.

2. Lipstick bleeding


Honey where are your lips going and since when did we start overlining our bottom lips to our chin? We didn't! Line those lips to prevent overlining with gloss. Your favorite shade of red surely does make your lips pop but it's not meant for your chin. Different kinds of lipstick will bleed and I feel like this happens to me when it gets hotter outside. I usually opt for a gloss in the summer or a shade that won't stain when I wipe it away to fix it. If you need your bold colors, which I can appreciate, then grab yourself a good liner!

3. Foundation caked on and separating


There is nothing I loathe more than when my foundation separates and looks thick, it truly makes me want to scream after I have primed and used liquid foundation then applied a good setting powder. When your foundation begins to separate you need to fix it accordingly, a powder can fix a powder and a liquid foundation to a liquid but too much correction can lead to a caked on look which is equally not cute.

I think the best way to keep your foundation from separating is to lighten up the amount of your normal foundation for the summer. You avoid the cake look and you're skin gets a chance to breathe. In the summer I take days off with my makeup, I go bare faced typically at the beach or around the house but it keeps my skin feeling refreshed.

4. Sunburns or heat turning your face red


Every time I go to the beach without fail I sunburn my nose, thus giving me a red nose-not cute.We all know that an occasional burn is going to happen in the summer, thank goodness for the art of color correcting! This also applies with breakout that have a redness to them a green based concealer will take care of the alarming red glare and dial it back a bit.

5. Mascara running


Don't worry honey, I did not forget mascara. The raccoon eye rings are not a trend and let's keep it that way. Use a good waterproof mascara if you're hitting the beach, boating, caught in a rainstorm or floating in the pool. I really love Buxom's waterproof mascara it literally won't move if you're not around water get Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara just love yourself and purchase this. Pair either of these products with Kat Von D's Tattoo Eyeliner you will be set not only for summer but any occasion.

6. For my curly girls-humidity frizzing your curls


Oh my sweet curly gals let me just tell you that in the summer I have found that sometimes it takes two to keep the curls under control. When I am working with one product it is Ouidad's Climate Control Gel it works wonders, and comes in a lighter formula that I like for winter. When I run out of product I use a two step system: a handful of mousse and nickel sized amount of leave in conditioner. The leave in conditioner, to me, feels heavy enough to pull the hair down so I apply this to my hair up until it stops around the top of my hair. Then I follow up with mousse and put its everywhere to give an airy bounce around my roots.

Summertime is full of great beauty looks that everyone should feel free to try without worrying about makeup fails like these guys because it super hot or humid out. No matter the weather, no matter the look, as long as you're happy and feeling good you will always look good.

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