Summer lovin'.

1. Put a candle in your car

Get some candle wax squares and a salt shaker or mason jar. Put the wax in the jar and set the jar on your dash. The wax will melt and make your car smell great! If you want to keep it on your dash use velcro for an easy application and removal.

2. Natural Mosquito repellent 

Boil some water with basil leaves and eucalyptus essential oil. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it like perfume.

3. Aloe Vera ice cubes

Add about 1/3 water and 2/3 Aloe Vera into an ice tray. These will make your next sunburn a little more bearable.

4. Bring your sheets to the beach

You can make a cool lounge area with your sheets! Lets face it, towels just aren't big enough for lounging on the beach.

5. Bring baby powder

Baby powder is good for getting all of the sand off before getting in the car. You can put baby powder in a sock or pantyhose and tie it off to help rub the sand off after a day at the beach.

6. Tiny trash can for your car​

This comes in handy when avoiding the heat. If you have a trash can in your car, you can avoid having to clean your car under the sun. But where would you find a trash can so small? Just buy a plastic cereal box and put a trash bag in it. It's small, secure, and easy to clean!