6 Special Occasions to Send Flowers for

6 Special Occasions to Send Flowers for

Why should you still give flowers when you have so many gift choices available? Learn a few reasons why flowers are the best gift for special occasions.


Sending flowers is regarded as a great way to express your appreciation and to condole somebody. In fact, people give or send flowers for many kinds of occasions. Different cultures incorporate different ideas for sending flowers, but it all boils down to the same idea.

People give flowers to their loved ones. They wish happy birthdays to the people that they cherish. They announce affection towards each other by presenting a flower to the person you fancy. They even send off the deceased friends with a bouquet of flowers as well. There are numerous situations to send flowers and it has become a habit that all people of different cultures and creeds are doing.

It has also become a habit to send flowers by post and not give them yourself, which is also acceptable. During some occasions, you don't really have to be there in person to present a gift to somebody. Either way, here are some of the best and usual types of occasions when you can send flowers.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is considered as a holiday for all lovers in the world. Different cultures celebrate it differently, for instance in Japan girls give men chocolate, but it all boils down to the same thing eventually. What is most important is that two people who are romantically involved with each other get to share a special day together.

Valentine's Day is also a day when the most amount of flowers is used as gifts. The universal present for a girl is a bouquet of flowers, which becomes more emphatic during this special occasion. People have started sending flowers to girls in various elaborate ways in order to show their affection towards them. It is probably one of the best ways to show a girl how you feel and give her something that she will love at the same time.


Birthdays are very important. Even though certain cultures do not cherish this day as others, for instance in Greece they put a lot more values on their name days and not on their birthdays, most of the people in the world enjoy this kind of a celebration. It makes an important milestone in a person's life and something that has to be celebrated. People usually give birthday presents to each other, but flowers have also become a very nice way of wishing somebody a happy birthday.

Flowers are the best gift for any kind of an occasion so sending flowers for a birthday is really good. You can even include a card to go with the flowers and really emphasize the importance of your gift. This is a universal gift as well as you can send flowers to your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother or sister. It works even better if you make it a surprise.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to send flowers. Putting a smile on the face of your mother is what every child dreams of and flowers are a perfect way to do it. There are many different types of gifts that you can go with here but ultimately flowers are something that you cannot go wrong with. You can buy a simple single rose or go big with an entire bouquet. Either way it is a fabulous way to surprise your mum.

If you are living away in a different city and you cannot make it home to wish your mother a happy Mother's Day in person, you can simply send flowers and include a card with it. It is the gesture that counts and we believe that it will mean everything to her when she receives a gift like that from her child.

Father's Day

Father's Day might not be a usual day for sending flowers, but trust us it works. Some cultures put value in sending flowers for this occasion as well and many fathers appreciate getting something like this for this special day.

Similar as with Mother's Day, you can send flowers by post or do it in person. However, never forget a card. Write down your thoughts or best wishes on it so you embellish the gift even more and make it much more special.

Friendship Day

People get often confused that flowers are a romantic gift, while in fact, they are something that everybody likes. That is the way it can even work as a great gift for Friendship Day. Your friends are the people that you spend most of your time with and you appreciate their company. So why not express how you feel by sending them a bunch of flowers.

As said, flowers do not have to be considered romantic all the time. They are an exquisite gift and it shows that you care for that person. Give your best friend a flower next time and celebrate your Friendship Day. We are sure that they will greatly appreciate it whether it is a single rouse or a beautiful bouquet.

Get Well Soon

Flowers do not always mark celebrations. They are often given as a form of condolence or as a way to wish that person to get over something bad quickly. This is way along with a get well card you can send get well flowers. People who are on the mend will be grateful to you that you have thought of them and that you have decided to wish them the best by giving them a bunch of flowers.

Visiting somebody in person is better when they are trying to get well. But sending flowers is also appreciated. The only thing that matters is that you wish them the best and that you want them to get better. Doing that with some flowers can make a person feel a lot better really fast.

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Please Spare Me From The Three Months Of Summer Break When People Revert Back To High Schoolers

They look forward to swapping stories with their friends at the local diner, walking around their old high school with a weird sense of superiority, and reminiscing their pre-college lives.


I know a surprising amount of people who actually couldn't wait to go home for the summer. They look forward to swapping stories with their friends at the local diner, walking around their old high school with a weird sense of superiority, and reminiscing their pre-college lives.

Me? Not so much. I don't mean to sound bitter. It's probably really comforting to return to a town where everyone knows your name, where your younger friends want you around to do their prom makeup, and where you can walk through Target without hiding in the deodorant aisle. But because I did this really annoying thing where my personality didn't really develop and my social anxiety didn't really loosen its grip on me until college, I have a very limited number of people to return to.

If you asked someone from my high school about Julia Bond, they would probably describe her as shy, studious, and uptight. I distinctly remember being afraid of people who JUULed (did you get high from it? was it illegal? could I secondhand smoke it and get lung cancer?) and crying over Algebra 1 in study hall (because nothing says fun and friendly like mascara steaks and furious scribbling in the back corner while everyone else throws paper airplanes and plays PubG Mobile).

I like to tell my college friends that if I met High School Julia, I would beat her up. I would like to think I could, even though I go to the gym now a third of the time I did then. It's not that it was High School Julia's fault that she closed herself off to everyone. She had a crippling fear of getting a B and an even worse fear of other people. But because she was so introverted and scared, College Julia has nothing to do but re-watch "The Office" for the 23rd time when she comes back.

Part of me is jealous of the people who came into their own before college. I see pictures of the same big friend groups I envied from a distance in high school, all their smiling faces at each other's college football games and pool parties and beach trips, and it makes me sad that I missed out on so many friendships because I was too scared to put myself out there. That part of me really, really wishes I had done things differently.

But a bigger, more confident part of me is really glad I had that experience. Foremost, everything I've gone through has shaped me. I mean, I hid in the freaking bathroom during lunch for the first two weeks of my freshman year of high school. I never got up to sharpen my pencil because I was scared people would talk about me. I couldn't even eat in front of people because I was so overwhelmingly self-conscious. I remember getting so sick at cross country practice because I ran four or five miles on an empty stomach.

Now, I look back and cringe at the ridiculousness because I've grown so much since then. Sure, I still have my quirks and I'm sure a year from now I'll write an article about what a weirdo Freshman Julia was. But I can tell who had the same experience as me. I can tell who was lonely in high school because they talk to the kids on my floor that study by themselves. I can tell who was afraid of speaking up because they listen so well. I can tell who was without a friend group because they stand by me when others don't. I can tell who hated high school, because it's obvious that they've never been as happy as they are now.

My dislike for high school, while inconvenient for this summer, might be one of the best things to happen to me. I learned how to overcome my fears, how to be independent, and how to make myself happy. I never belonged in high school, and that's why I will never take for granted where I belong here at Rutgers.

So maybe I don't have any prom pictures with a bunch of colorful dresses in a row, and maybe I didn't go to as many football games as I should have. Maybe I would've liked pep rallies, and maybe I missed out on senior week at the beach. But if I had experienced high school differently, I wouldn't be who I am today.

I wouldn't pinch myself daily because I still can't believe how lucky I am to have the friends that I do.

I wouldn't smile so hard every time I come back from class and hear my floormates calling me from the lounge.

I wouldn't well up when my roommate leaves Famous Amos cookies on my desk before a midterm, or know how to help the girl having a panic attack next to me before a final, or hear my mom tell my dad she's never seen me this happy before.

If I had loved high school, I wouldn't realize how amazing I have it in college. So amazing, in fact, that I never want to go home.

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Flowers to Send on International Women's Day


Women's Day- A day to celebrate womanhood, a day to remember the sacrifices made by each woman from every corner of this world, a day to feel proud of yourself. March 8th is celebrated a women's day across the globe.

This is the day when we remember about many women whose voices were unheard. This is the day for us, the women. A woman is a caretaker, bread earner, a lover, a peacemaker, a mother, a diva, and everything that you can imagine of. Unfortunately, we had to fight really hard to gain our status in society. Therefore, this women's day remember to pamper yourself because you are worth it!

If you want to appreciate a woman on this women's day, then think about giving her some flowers. Many people in the UK often send flowers to the women they respect and care for. They choose flower delivery services to send a lovely bouquet in each and every corner of the country.

Well, what can be better than remembering a person and letting her know that she is admired for her hard work? We say flowers are always the best choice to send across to the woman who matters to you the most. She can be your sister, your mother, your lover, your boss, your wife, and anybody who has somehow inspired you in life.

Let them feel loved and appreciated for everything they have done for you and in life. Let the woman feel delighted, let her shade some happy tears and thank you in return.

If you are already thinking about a flower delivery service, but aren't really sure about the flowers, you should give, then go through our list of best flowers that you can choose from.


Do you know that Mimosa flower is a symbolic flower for women's day? The vibrant yellow colour can make anyone's day brighter. Especially when the lady you admire the most receives it, she will surely be filled with lots of joy and prosperity. Make her smile with a bunch of mimosa flowers on this women's day.

Mimosa flower


To be honest, roses are the kind of flowers, which are perfect for any occasion. Roses are the symbol of love, purity, honesty, and loyalty, which are the ideal features of a kind woman. We will suggest to buy a bouquet of red roses and send them across to every woman who is the epitome of pure love. Roses are highly popular, and the receiver will be out of words after seeing a bunch of beautiful flowers being sent to her from another city!


Tulips are the symbol of elegance and grace. Any woman would love to receive them. This women's day send them as a token of love and appreciation for being the woman she is. Let her feel appreciated. Let her feel happy. Tulips can brighten up the woman you admire the most in a jiffy. Send her some, trust us, she is going to keep them safe.



Lilies are also a good choice for women's day. These star-shaped flowers look extremely elegant, and their sweet fragrance is mesmerizing. Lilies are the symbol of purity and innocence. They also represent many aspects of womanhood, for example, beauty, passion, and motherhood. If you have a woman in life who you think should be admired and appreciated for all that she has done, then you should definitely choose lilies.


These beautiful purple color flowers are incredibly exotic. Orchids represent beauty and rarity. We think you should give it your better half on this women's day. You would surely want to appreciate her too on the 8th of March. No need to utter a single word because orchids will say a thousand words on your behalf.


The last pick that we have for you is bright gerberas. These gorgeous flowers don't just look good, but they can brighten any mood at any time! Gerberas are the perfect representation of adoration. Now, what can be better than sending away some flowers which clearly says that you adore her?


Whatever flower you choose to send to the woman who means a lot to you, we are sure this small gesture will be highly appreciated. Choose a flower delivery service to handover these delicate flowers to a woman who should be recognised and valued for all her efforts.

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