6 Signs You're A D1 Couch Potato

6 Signs You're A D1 Couch Potato

Some people just prefer the Great Indoors.

It's that time of year: You've got a friend who plays on a sports team, and because you're a good, supportive friend, you've decided to attend a game. It's hot outside, you're sweaty, and you have no idea what the heck is going on out there. You wish that you did, but at the same time, you also wish you were back home on the couch.

Here are six signs that you spend more time on the couch with a snack than you do out at any kind of ball game.

1. You get more excited about the concession stand than you do about anything going on in the game.

It's okay that you didn't see that great pass. You're enjoying a really great hot dog and that's more important.

2. You find yourself splitting the sections (halves, quarters, periods, whatever) of the game into smaller increments, to make the time go faster. (Or at least seem like it is.)

Alright, it's looking like you just have to make it through four more five-minute shifts before you can get yourself another hot dog. You can do it.

3. People-watching the parents and fans is more entertaining and interesting than the game itself.

4. But on the other hand, parents that scream at their kids/other people on the field make you slightly uncomfortable.
Are they being encouraging? Are they being verbally abusive? We're not sure. Who knows.

5. When the action of the game comes even remotely close to where you're sitting or standing, you tend to back away and cover your face.
Hello..why wouldn't someone do that?! You just came out here to be a spectator. You didn't ask for an object to fly rapidly in the direction of your face.

6. You feel that the best part of the day isn't when the team you're rooting for scores, but instead when the sun moves behind a cloud and you are finally in the shade.
As if sitting on hot metal bleachers isn't enough, you're probably in direct sunlight. That glorious few minutes of cloud cover is probably the next best thing to being inside...which is where you'd rather be anyways. Go team!

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Things to Look Forward This Year (2018)!

So much to be excited about in 2018

From interesting food trends to the viewing of the Solar Eclipse, 2017 was a whirlwind of events! Nevertheless, if you’re so done with 2017, here are greater things you can look forward to in 2018.

1. Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Start off the year in winter wonderland with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics! It has always been a tradition to have a mascot for each Olympic game. You’ll get to witness the adorable white tiger also known as the Soohorang which has been long considered Korea’s guardian animal. The term Soohorang is a combination of “Sooho” which means protection in Korean and “Rang” is derived from the word “Ho-rang-I”, which is Korean for tiger. The reason for choosing the White Tiger as their official mascot as it protects the athletes and spectators participating. Fans of the quadrennial event can look forward to competitions such as curling, skiing, luge, ice skating, bobsledding and many more!

2. Commonwealth games down under

Another sports event to look out for is the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Bringing together 70 nations and territories, 6 continents, and 2 billion citizens to share with the world the celebration of sport, entertainment, and culture. The event will be held throughout various cities which are Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville. There will be a total of 25 sports that includes 7 para-sports. Whether if its athletics or lawn bowling, every athlete will bear hero status when they compete in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

3. Superhero movies

Aside from sports, you can anticipate great movies from the Marvel franchise such as Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Deadpool 2, and Ant-Man and the Wasp. While on the other side of the comic universe, look forward to another new hero from the DC franchise featuring Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. Making a comeback after 14 years, the lovable Incredible family is back on the big screen with their usual antics.

4. Bali Spirit Festival

Apart from big scale events, we should also give recognition to the smaller events such as the Bali Spirit Festival. Known as the largest, longest and only annual festival, celebrate this 6-day event filled with yoga, dance, and music. This will be the 11th year the island inviting Yogis and the likes from all over the world to soak up the culture while letting their hair down during this week of festivities. The event will be held on the hills of Ubud and wishes to attract holistic domestic and foreign travellers. In 2017, the festival attracted over 7,000 guests which includes visitors from 50 countries, 1,000 Balinese and Indonesians.

5. Train to be a Ninja at Nonthaburi Province

First of its kind outside of Japan, a Ninja themed village will be slated to open at Central Plaza this coming March. The attraction promises to offer a wide selection of ninja-related activities set in a mock up of a fictional Japanese village which is co-created by BEC-Teroand Central Pattana. The theme park is located at Bang Yai, the Western part of Nonthaburi Province.

6. Singapore Art Week

If you’re a lover of everything Art, you will surely love this 12-day visual-filled experience held in Singapore. After the successful exhibition held just last year by the eccentric Yayoi Kusama,who is perhaps known as one of the world’s most influential artists, the Lion City is back with another art related event. Hosted by the National Arts Council and the Singapore Tourism Board, the festival will take place in venues all over Singapore with the purpose of reinforcing Singapore’s positions as one of the leading arts destinations in the world. It will feature a huge range of exhibitions and demonstrations hosted throughout the festival such as gallery openings, lifestyle events, public art and workshops.

7. Space as your next holiday destination

Bored of travelling around the world? Whynot take a week-long trip around the moon! Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX has announced that they will fly two private citizens on a trip around the moon.The spacecraft that will be used to send the two paying passengers into space is the Falcon Heavy rocket which is owned by the private spaceflight company.It is said that two private citizens have already booked the “trip” and have paid a significant deposit. The unnamed individuals will be announced later in 2018. Guess we have to wait another to be able to get a glimpse of the moon.

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Winter Olympic Athletes Deserve Just As Much Support As Summer Olympics Athletes

Does the spotlight miss the Winter Olympics because the United States does not hold a consistent winning streak compared to the Summer Olympics?

It has been a week since the opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics, yet I have not seen or heard any news regarding the events. This is a complete contrast from the Summer Olympics. I asked several of my classmates which Olympics they preferred Summer or Winter. All of the people asked said Summer. In the United States, the Summer Olympics are almost a lifestyle. All the trials events for Summer Olympics are major televised events, but the winter trials are not.

I feel as an American, I am uneducated on the selection processes for the athletes representing my country in the Winter Olympics. Winter Olympians happen to also be more underrated than Summer Olympians. I may be young and have only been interested in the Olympics more in the last two years, however, I can name on one hand the people considered to be "famous" Olympians for the winter Olympics. In contrast, when it comes to the Summer Olympics there are handfuls fo recognizable athletes considered to be "famous."

The thing that I don't understand is that the Winter Olympics are truly artistic. It contains a beautiful balance between creative sports as well as athletically demanding events. Just to name a few: figure skating, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, and freestyle snowboarding to many can be seen as creative requiring sports. The reason I say alpine skiing may be for personal reasons.

As someone who is a strong skier, I find it beautiful to see how someone can defy speed going down a mountain at speeds faster than a car. Now that is an adrenaline pumping sport. It is also defying gravity and creative flips and turns that makeup freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Athletes of these sports are to land on a board or two skis, not feet!

Does the spotlight miss the Winter Olympics because the United States does not hold a consistent winning streak compared to the Summer Olympics? It has become apparent that with seven full days into the Winter Olympics we have only won seven medals and are ranked in fifth place as a country. If as a viewer was not searching after results of each event, I would not have any idea who has won medals and which events. We are the largest team consisting of over 200 athletes.

The is over 200 dreams of athletes coming true. I think as a country instead of focusing on what we are good at because we win, there should still be an equal amount of support for these athletes participating in the Winter Olympics.These athletes train just as hard as summer athletes and deserve the equal amount of media attention, recognition of athlete successes, and education to the public on the United States participation in the Winter Olympics.

Cover Image Credit: @teamusa

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