Fall Fest at Villanova University: A weekend in early November dedicated completely to hosting Special Olympics Pennsylvania.

Although Fall Festival seems like just another philanthropic event, I promise that it is not. It is "the largest annual student-run Special Olympics event in the world" and has become so much more than that for both the athletes and students at Villanova.

All people involved in SpO at Villanova, whether year-round or just volunteers for the weekend, can agree that Fall Fest is by far the best weekend at Villanova. And if you don't believe me, here's six reasons why.

1. The community

With over 1,000 athletes, 400 coaches, and 5,000 volunteers, campus is bustling with excitement for and dedication to one cause: the athletes. The positive attitude that campus exudes is invigorating. Every single person is smiling and beaming with happiness and it builds a community that is unlike any other that I have ever experienced. If you don't agree with this, you've definitely never been to O-Town. Seriously, check it out.

2. A weekend of sports & pure competition

Aside from the upbeat aura of Fall Fest, SpO has some of the best athletes that I have ever seen hands down. Watching every sport, from soccer to bocce, gets people on their feet and cheering because of the determination and skills of the athletes. What makes the competition all that better is that every athlete is putting their entire heart and soul into the game.

3. An opportunity to meet so many people

Every single athlete that you meet at fall fest will change your life, I promise. Every. Single. One. Their smiles. Their discussions. Their hugs. They are the BEST and they are coming from the best people you'll ever meet.

4. The culmination of SO MUCH hard work

SpO Committee at Villanova consists of solely students who work for a full year to produce the magic that is Fall Fest. These students, who have classes, other organizations and other life obligations to deal with, put in countless hours to pull the show off year after year and it is so awesome to watch their work fall into place over the three days.

5. You find your why.

A huge part of Fall Fest is your "why". Why you do what you do at Fall Fest whether it be volunteering as a Gen-Vol, Pro-Vol, LPH, VC, or part of Committee. At Fall Fest you will, hands down, find your why. And it will transcend so much deeper than just the weekend. You will find yourself using it to be the reason you get through those hard moments, days, and weeks.

6. Pure, genuine happiness

I cannot think of a time that I have been happier than I was over Fall Fest weekend. The excitement and energy is infectious.

If you have never been to Fall Fest, you must go. Make the trip this year. Add it to your Bucket List. Whatever you have to do to get there, a trip to Special Olympics at Villanova is a total must do. You will get to experience these six amazing things, plus so much more.