In today’s day and age, I feel very fortunate to have a great relationship with my Mom. After I moved out of the house I fully realized all of the things she does and now I find myself texting or calling her over the smallest thing or just to say "hi!". She goes above and beyond for my family, and simply put, I want to be just like her when I’m “grown up”.

1. She is real with me when I need it the most

Growing up, if I needed an honest opinion, my Mom was on top of it. There was no sugar coating it like I see some mothers doing with their children, and in the long run I believe it is the only way a person will grow. If I was being lazy, she told me. If I didn’t look good in an outfit, she suggested I pick out another. My mom always tells me how it is and I am incredibly grateful for it.

2. She’s always been my #1 fan and supporter

On the flip side of tough love, my Mom is the first to congratulate me on an achievement, or give me that extra boost of confidence when I need it. She has taught me to be fearless and to go after what I want.

3. Every night, there is a home cooked meal on the table

Coming from someone who loves food as much as I do, you appreciate it when your mom can cook and I feel like that is a luxury that not all people have. No matter the day my mom has had, she always manages to make sure my family is fed with something healthy and tasty.

4. When in doubt, call Mom

My Mom may not technically be Google, but she is pretty close to it. If I am ever unsure of something, have a problem, or need advice, she is the first person I call for a helpful solution.

5. It’s not lost until Mom can’t find it

I will have misplaced something for months sometimes and think it’s gone forever. Then magically my Mom can make it appear. This is a superpower I hope to acquire one day.

6. She is the sweetest and kindest person I know

If you’ve ever met MaryBeth you know what a sweetheart she is and how pleasant she always is to be around. I hope I can always be like that! She taught me from a young age that “manners matter” and if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

And lastly, I am really sorry if I was a brat sometimes to you as a teenager, Mom. Silly me didn’t fully realize it yet how lucky I was to have you. Thank you for being an amazing role model and the person I aspire to be. I love you, Mom.