There’s no question that Netflix has brought me a lot of fantastic shows to binge watch. From "Parks and Rec," to "New Girl," to "Law and Order SVU," and one of my favorite shows a mashup of all of these and so more. Welcome to Chicago, where a group of six EMT’s are saving lives, one ambulance ride at a time. Here are 6 reasons why you need to watch "Sirens," and why it should have never been cancelled.

1. I actually learned a lot about being a EMT.

Not only was the show really funny, it was super informative. In one of the episodes they talked about giving flu shots to kids, giving medical advice and we got a look into the lives of the Chicago PD with Billy and T.

2. Billy.

Speaking of Billy. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN!?!? He is not only incredibly good-looking, but he has a huge heart. He may be a little airheaded sometimes, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about everyone he meets.

3. It had openly gay and asexual characters!!

HOW ICONIC IS THAT?? I mean, we have been asking for more representation in Western media for years now, and this is such a great start! I mean a gay POC and a bad-ass asexual lady, what more do you need?

4. Brian is such a cutie.

Okay, Brian is such boyfriend material. I mean. What an adorable little squish. He cares about Voodoo so much, he’s even willing to change something super important to him to be with her. I just want to love and protect him and never let him go.

5. They talked about super real issues.

From police brutality to racism, to sexism, you can't get any more real and in-depth than this.

6. Did I mention how much I love Billy???

I mean. Iconic.