6 Reasons to Ditch Your Business Idea and Open a Franchise Instead

6 Reasons to Ditch Your Business Idea and Open a Franchise Instead

Franchise companies already have a track record of success

You want to be your own boss, but you don't have a solid or revolutionary business idea. You can still enjoy the benefits of being your own boss without having to take on a serious risk. How? Open a franchise.

Here are six reasons to consider opening a franchise.

1. Franchises are Part of a Well-Established Brand

One of the biggest obstacles to launching a new company is lack of brand awareness. No one knows who you are, and no one trusts you. Your brand hasn't proven itself or built any credibility.

While it's not impossible to build brand awareness, it can be anintensive and lengthy process.

When you open a franchise, you enjoy the benefit of being part of a strong brand. The company is already well-established, which means you don't have to do all of the legwork to get your name out there.

The UPS Store, for example, offers franchising opportunities. The company has ranked #1 in business services for 27 straight years by Entrepreneur's Franchise 500. Just about everyone who has ever sent or received a package has heard of UPS. With a franchise like this, customers will come looking for you instead of the other way around.

2. You Inherit a Built-in Customer Base

With a strong brand comes a well-established customer base. The company already knows its audience, has built a loyal following and knows how to market their products or services.

They've already done the hard work of winning customers over, and they'll even supply you with all of the data you need to reach your target audience.

3. Training Programs Put You on the Right Track

Most franchise companies offer excellent training programs that teach you how to run the business and the best way to do it. They'll even advise you on the best way to handle things that may come up while doing business.

Franchise companies want their franchisees to succeed – it's in their best interest.

4. You Gain a Helping Hand

Along with training programs, most companies also offer operational, real estate, construction and marketing assistance.

If your business is facing a challenge, you can call on the company's team of experts for help and advice. They will also help you find the right site for your building and even assist with the construction of it. From finding a good contractor to designing the layout of your building, most franchise companies are more than happy to help with this complex aspect of the launch process.

On top of all this, most will also help you with marketing. In fact, some companies have very specific marketing strategies that you will be required to use.

5. Franchises Reduce Your Risk

Eight out of ten entrepreneurs who launch a business fail within the first 18 months. A franchise doesn't eliminate risk completely – you still need to do your due diligence – but it does reduce your risk significantly.

Franchise companies already have a track record of success. They know what works and what doesn't. They're also required to provide you with a wealth of information on the company's operation and disclose certain pieces of information. Having all of this information at hand can help you make a smart decision when choosing a franchise.

6. You Gain Purchasing Power

Being part of a strong brand and large company will give you more buying power. That means you can negotiate with venders to get significantly lower prices on the items you need, like inventory to supplies, uniforms and equipment.

Risk avoidance is one of the main advantages to opening a franchise. Many new businesses fail because the competition is fierce or they lack the right strategies to build brand awareness. A franchise will allow you to be your own boss without having to take on the additional risk of building a brand from the ground up.

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Ads Swarming Your Instagram and Facebook Feed? Banish Them Today

Instagram and Facebook are both owned by Facebook. Did you know that?

Instagram and Facebook are both owned by Facebook. Did you know that? When you're on either site, you might notice that the same ads seem to follow you no matter where you go. In fact, you can go on a slew of sites, and you're likely to see the same ad time and time again.

It's not an accident that you're seeing these ads.

Targeted ads will use what you search as a way to know what ads to show you. It's an ingenious way to market, and if you're already searching for plumbers or movie tickets, there's a high chance of a relevant ad being clicked on.

Facebook introduced online interest-based advertising, and the company explains a few major points as to how these ads work:

  • If you visit a hotel site, the company will know and might display travel deals
  • Ads are displayed on people's use of other websites
  • Ads are displayed based on app usage

You're sort of being followed online. Someone, usually an ad company, is tracking your every search and visit in hopes of providing highly targeted ads to you.

But you can stop these ads from overtaking your feed on Instagram, Facebook and any other site you visit – to some extent.

Facebook Makes It Easy

Facebook actually makes it easy to opt out of internet-based ads. You can easily do this by:

  • Logging into Facebook
  • Visiting the ad center
  • Adjusting your settings

Click "ad settings," and choose to shut off ads based on websites and apps. Move through the list and toggle off ads for every option you prefer.

Opt Out Via YourAdChoices

YourAdChoices is an alliance followed by almost all major websites and companies that allows you to opt out of customizing your ads. This is a great option that allows you to opt out of customized ads across nearly 100 websites.

Instagram is not included, but Facebook and Twitter are included.

There are also a lot of advertising companies on the list that you can opt out of, which will lead to thousands of websites not being allowed to display customized ads to you.

Add-ons are an Option

Browser add-ons and apps on your phone can help you remove ads, too. The one issue with this option is that it doesn't allow your favorite sites to make ad revenue. A lack of ad revenue means that the site isn't getting paid for the service it offers.

Facebook, MSN or whichever websites you visit cost a lot of money to upkeep.

So, blocking all ads isn't something I choose to do. But if this is something you want to do, a few options that may help are:

Some sites can detect the usage of these add-ons, and they may not display content based on their usage. But this is a surefire way to stop seeing those pesky ads that keep popping up.

If you don't want a search you're conducting to appear as an ad later on, you can also choose to use "incognito mode" or another mode on your browser that will not keep cookies or sessions.

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If A Woman’s Success Intimidates You, Then Maybe You’re Not Ready For A Woman

Why you gotta be so insecure?

Some men don't like women. I had to bring emphasis to the word "some" in case all men think I am about to refer to them. Refer to them in a way that is often overlooked, but should be addressed.

To start off, men are something else.

At first glance, you might get the look of someone who is wholesome, but then once you get to know him, he turns out to be crazy.

While on the other hand, you see a man who is more "street" and turns out to be the nicest person ever. You just never know what you get just by looking, as opposed to women.

In women, what you see is what you get-simple. I could go on and on about the different type of men in the world, but I want to really focus and dig into one specific type.

Insecure men.

There are some men who don't appreciate powerful women. I have read countless articles and watched interviews on some men who are starting to voice about the rise of women.

These men are truly adamant about how women should not be greater than they are. They don't believe that women should have even the slightest bit of power or success over them. Some of them think that their failing success is due to women and its false.

An interview by singer J.Holiday just caused me to question, "Does he really know what he's saying?" He actually had an interview saying things like Beyonce, SZA, and Cardi B are all selling records, winning awards, gaining success all because of pain.

First of all J. Holiday, who are you? Second of all, what gives you the slightest urge to speak on woman's success, black women at that. If anything you should be supportive that black women are becoming some of the most successful people in the world.

Another article I read about this topic was about a rapper named Cam'ron and his longtime girlfriend, JuJu. They were together for over ten years and she was with him throughout most of his career. Recently, they split after Cam'ron overall said that being with her wasn't fun anymore.

I mean...that doesn't make sense. Many people felt that once JuJu started getting degrees and making something for herself, that's when Cam'ron felt the need to call it quits. He started to notice that she was gaining success and evolving and realized that her name was about to be bigger than his.

I believe that some men do like when women are successful, as long as they aren't more successful than they are. These are where the insecurities come into play.

Some of these men should celebrate rather than hate. They like the idea of women and what they can bring physically, but as soon as the women are more mentally, socially, and economically higher up- then there's a problem.

When they see women trying or are achieving more than what they have, then they start to think that, that is going to prevent them from their goals.

But that isn't the case.

As men and women, especially in the black community, I feel that this should not be an issue at hand. If anything, we should try to encourage or uplift one another so that we can all achieve what we want to achieve.

Women should be able to be successful without someone downplaying her intelligence or thinking that she slept her way to where she got. Its okay for women to bossy, and having her life in check. We can have opinions, we are allowed to voice them.

And to some of these men that might feel like this is addressed to you, take a strong and successful woman and run with her.

Instead of being intimidated by her success, achieve with her. Whether as a friend or a partner, she might be the missing piece to further your success. You never know how much of the world you can conquer together instead of alone.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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