6 Realistic And Actually Easy-To-Follow Makeup Tutorials

6 Realistic And Actually Easy-To-Follow Makeup Tutorials

Sometimes YouTube is the only way to go.

If you're anything like me, you spend hours every week watching makeup tutorials of all sorts wishing you could do half of the makeup these Youtube gurus do. Makeup does take a lot of practice and a lot of mistakes will occur, but here are some of a few that actually will help you. I've watched every single video that I mention and link down below!!

1. Jaclyn Hill's How To: Contour, Blush, Highlight, and Bake The Face

Jaclyn Hill is my one of, if not my favorite Youtubers so you'll see a lot of her in this article. Aside from her natural humor, she is one of the best out there at describing how to do certain looks and it makes it seem so easy. This video is one of my favorites of hers and I often look at it for help.

2. Casey Holmes' My Go-To Makeup Look!

Casey Holmes is right beside Jaclyn Hill for my favorite beauty gurus and I find myself watching her videos alllll the time. Sometimes her videos can get lengthy, but I could watch and do the looks she talks about all day long.

3. Laura Lee's Easy Natural Makeup | 5 Minute Makeup|

If you're looking for someone funky who's always doing different and new things you have to check out Laura Lee. Every video she does her makeup she reminds her viewers why she's doing certain things and gives plenty of tips and tricks too!

4. Genamourr's How to Use ABH Dipbrow Pomade

Maybe it was just a me problem, but I had literally no idea how to use this stuff when I bought it. Every time I dipped a brush in the pomade, a ton of product would come off and it literally looked like I painted my eyebrows on. It was brutal. This video I've watched probably six times while trying to get the hang of it.

5. AlexandrasGirlyTalk's How to Apply Eyeshadow PERFECTLY

I'm guilty of watching this video a million times too. It's so easy to follow along and understand what she's saying and where she's getting at. Eyeshadow is by no means easy and this tutorial helped so much!

6. Carli Byble's Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial

Carli Byble is another huuuuge Youtuber with well over 5 million subscribers, so trust me when I say she knows what she's doing. In general, talk through tutorials are so much easier to follow along compared to voice over ones and luckily she does mostly talk through ones!

Cover Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoY0ZeHZBe0p-ByCiYP_XQ

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How to reuse our leftover Ipsy Glam Bags

A few ideas of how to re-purpose monthly subscription bags

Many of us are subscribed to the Ipsy monthly beauty service. After being subscribed to Ipsy for three years I've accumulated many Ipsy bags. As you know Ipsy is a monthly subscription that allows its member to test four to five beauty products for future purchase consideration. Plus, all products come in a collective bag. Here are a few ideas of how I reuse my Ipsy bags.

Make a beautiful gift bag. Whenever a friend's birthday comes I fill an Ipsy with makeup, toiletries, perfume samples, and even candy. I'll then put the Ipsy bag inside of a gift bag with matching tissue paper and a card. It feels like giving a mini love treasure to your good friend!

Ipsy bags can be reused as toiletries bags. Fill a squared Ipsy with sanitary napkins, feminine wipes, tampons, deodorant, sample perfume, and travel size toothpaste and toothbrush. Yes, all these can fit perfectly in an Ipsy. Place in your purse, now you can take your feminine hygiene items discreetly.

Re-purpose a separate Ipsy bag to use as a makeup bag on the go. In this bag place travel size makeup brushes, lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick, a comb, some hair tights and Bobby pins, even a small bottle of hairspray for retouching. You can place your makeup bag next to your hygiene one. Great way to keep our lovely purse organized and clean.

Reuse any cylindrical Ipsy bag as a pencil case. Place your pens, pencils, sticky notes, white out, flash drive, highlighter, etc inside of an Ipsy bag. I once did this with my October 2013 Ipsy bag and used it as a pencil case two years in college. It held very well. Plus, It was easy to transfer all my writing instruments from my backpack to my purse when needed.

On the go sewing kit. Empty the contents of an emergency sewing kit inside of an Ipsy, these can be purchased at Dollar Tree and similar stores. Or make one of your own by adding a white thread bobbin, a black one, needle pack, safety pins, a small scissors, spare buttons like the ones that come free with a new garment purchase, and clear floss for sewing hard materials. Place inside of your first aid box when traveling long distance.

An Ipsy bag can be used to make a basic first aid kit. Just add, alcohol pads, band-aids, gauze, aspirin or Ibuprofen, motion sickness pills, small insect repellent, and Aloe Vera gel. Place it in your glove compartment for any minor emergency.

Another use for an Ipsy bag is to reuse it as a coin purse. Put all the loose change drifting at the bottom of your purse on an Ipsy. It is a good way to put to use all those coins with monetary value.

Last but not least, use an Ipsy as a donation bad. I took this idea from Jody and Matt on YouTube. I have put this idea into practice and it works well. Put some toiletries into an Ipsy bag such as a mini deodorant, travel size toothbrush, and toothpaste, alcohol towelettes, and three dollars. If any panhandler begs for a donation, a good way to help out that person in need is by giving them a necessity bag. The toiletries will help them freshen up themselves and make them feel cared for. The extra cash can be used by them to buy a snack, a bottled water or a cup of coffee. It can also be used to pay a Metro-card fare. This is better than flashing our wallets when taking some money out to give a donation. I find this is a good way of making feel people in need as they are not being neglected.

The possibilities of what you can do with your leftover Ipsy bags are endless. Hope you take advantage of these ideas and share yours with me too. If you would like to join Ipsy monthly subscription. Go to www.ipsy.com and feel free to share my article.

Cover Image Credit: www.simply-amanda.com

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10 Graduation Cap Ideas For English Majors

Before you go into a mental breakdown or existential adulting crisis, here are some graduation cap ideas for English Majors.

Graduation is approaching soon and you know what that means — senior pictures, endless amounts of stress balls, figuring out what you’re going to do after college, sending in graduate school applications, and starting a new chapter in your life. You know, the usual norms. But before you go into a mental breakdown or existential adulting crisis, here are some graduation cap ideas for English Majors. From one English Major to another, we gotta stick together.

1. Something Quaint

The cursive backdrop looks like it came out of an actual book. The flowers and the combination of pearls/gems add a nice touch to the vintage side of English Majors — what could be more lit than this?

2. Page Turner

Now this graduation cap is the definition of literary genius. They used pages out of an actual book and neatly draped them, kind of looks like that scene in the first harry potter movie where harry’s mail floods the house.

3. Scrabble

If you have lots of patience, LOVE Scrabble, and have lots of hot glue in your glue gun, this is the graduation cap for you.


Slightly feminist, yet slaying graduation cap. And that map with the pearl beading framing, so elegantly attractive.

5. Shakespeare

What doesn’t say English Major more than Shakespeare!?!

6. Got Bard?

If you want to add some Shakespearean flair to your graduation cap, look no further than A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

7. Doctor Who

You go Dr. Who, you go.

8. “It always seems impossible until its done”

Some words of wisdom. You are one step closer to that light at the end of the tunnel. You got this!

9. To Be or Nah

Don’t lie, we all have contemplated this at some point during the semester.

10. If All Else Fails…

Hey, you got your degree. That’s all that matters.

Hope these graduation cap ideas help you English Majors or anyone who’s a fan of the literary field. In the end, be proud of yourself — you survived four years of endless cramming, late nights, a plethora of mental breakdowns, and endless amounts of caffeine. Give yourself a pat on the back and treat yo’self! Now that you’re at the end of my article, get back to hitting the books, English Major! Things are about to get “lit” quicker than you think!!

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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