03 January 2018 // At University of Minnesota Twin Cities

6 Questions To Ask Your Potential Roommate

Speak now or forever complain to your friends about what she did this time.

Mackenzie Boivin

Picking a college roommate is an art. The fact that you will be living in a small little box with this person and sharing every inch of space with them is not an easy thing to do. Furthermore, it's often difficult to think of all the possible consequences of living with someone new.

There are so many questions you will ask, like "What's your favorite music? Favorite movie? What type of clothing do you wear? What brand is your comforter?" But there are some questions that are more difficult to ask, need-to-know questions that will be awkward to bring up but must be addressed.

From being messy to being a night owl, there are many important questions to ask your possible future roommate. While picking your roommate does not always make for a successful match, opting for a random roommate can be even more sketchy. Advance carefully through this stage.

1. Are you a night person or a morning person?

Being on opposite schedules can cause problems for studying, sleeping, socializing...really, everything. Your bedroom, kitchen, study area and living room are now all one small space. Trust me, you don’t want to live with someone who shuts the lights off at 8:00 p.m. when you stay up until 1:00 a.m. every night. Also, if your roommate isn't a morning person, be prepared to hear alarm after alarm attempting to wake her up for the 8:00 a.m. class she couldn't take at any other time. And if you aren’t a morning person...don’t be that person.

2. Are you a conscientious person?

You probably won’t ask this question, and psychology proves they will most likely answer that they are in fact, conscientious, even if they aren’t. But, if you have the guts to ask the question, more power to you. You can make it awkward now or deal with the mess later, up to you!

3. Do you fall asleep with the TV on?

I am 100% a pitch black, silence type of gal. I cannot fall asleep with distractions or noise, although I have gotten better. Sleep is vital, so hopefully you can find someone who complements your needs for optimum REM.

4. What temperature do you like the room?

I cannot survive in warmth, I went to school in the north for a reason. My room at home is probably closer to 50 degrees, which is not a very typical thing. Living with someone whose climate is different than yours will constitute for some long days and nights.

5. Do you want a roommate or best friend?

I think my roommate and I thought we would hang out and be close, but that is not true. After the first few days of Welcome Week, I made my friends and she made hers. She went the route of pledging a sorority and I joined a women’s business group. We have completely different friends. In my head, I was always going to be BFFs with my roomie, going out and doing each other's make-up. It doesn’t have to be that way; trust me, sometimes it’s better if you aren’t.

6. Are you a party person or not so much?

If you're not into partying you will absolutely hate when your roommate comes back at 1 a.m. and pukes all over the room, so I suggest you clear that up right away. Don’t try and force yourself to be someone you’re not. Otherwise, it will be a very long year at school.