For college students finals season can be the most overwhelming, stressful, and tiring week or two of the year. From essays to exams to group projects, it seems to never end. As your deadlines (and summer!!!) approach, it is important to remember to to take care of yourself.

The most common thing I hear from myself and classmates is that we don't have time to take care of ourselves because we need to be productive. WELL, here are six ~productive~ things to do during finals that don't include studying, but will still help you.

1. Go for a walk OUTSIDE

Go walk around to get some last campus appreciation in before you head home and leave campus for the next couple months. And the fresh air will do ya wonders, I promise.

2. Call home

It'll be a good deed done and you will definitely have a little morale boost after talking to Mom for a bit.

3. Slap on that face-mask

Not only will it help you relax but you are helping your skin, too!

4. Exercise

Whether it's the gym or a run outside, any form of exercise is a super productive way to destress. You'll release those endorphins and return to your work feeling refreshed and motivated.

5. Get a meal with a friend

Rather than just hanging out, getting a meal will prevent you from spending too much time away from your work, while still getting that quality time before you both head home for summer.

6. Sleep

I know, I know. Sleep is overrated and all-nighters are the necessary evils of finals. (Except that they are not.) Go to sleep - Your body and grades will thank you later.

So, this finals season don't be afraid to step away from all of your work and take some time for yourself in productive ways. If you take care of yourself, especially in these ways, I promise you will not only survive but you will thrive.