6 Phases Of Registering For Classes

6 Phases Of Registering For Classes

Getting ready to sign up for next semester's classes.

The end of the semester is ahead. We are so close to Thanksgiving break and winter break. With that being said, that means it is time to register for classes for the second semester. This is a time of stress and anticipation. It's always an interesting time since you are finishing up projects and studying for finals for one group of classes, while preparing for the new semester. Here are the stages most people go through during this time.

1. The Ticket

The first phase is getting your time ticket, basically the first possible moment you can schedule your classes. It's exciting cause you to realize that means the end of this semester is approaching, which means a three-week break from college is just around the corner. Then you realize that your time ticket, of course, opens when you are in class.

2. The Wait

Here's the most annoying time...the waiting period. The time between getting your time ticket and actually registering for classes. This is the time I use to look up my classes to see what classes are available when and what I can take. Also, a good time to talk to your advisor or start researching your professor. I suggest not wasting this time.

3. Concern

This is after you've worked out all the classes you need, but your ticket hasn't opened yet. Slowly, you hear people with earlier tickets talk about registering. You start to become concerned that maybe every class you want will be filled. Unfortunately, there's not much you can really do, but just cross your fingers they all stay open.

4. Meltdown

Finally, your time ticket is open. There's nothing more stressful then added in all the class numbers then realizing two or three of those classes are full. Now, you are rushing trying to find classes that fit into the schedule you're creating. Building the perfect schedule is not easy. Not many people want to be stuck with an 8 am class every day.

5. Relief

You are done. You survived. Your next semester schedule has been completed. It's time to let out that breath you've been holding in. Now, that you know your classes for next semester, there's only one thing left to do. Go prepare for your finals for this semester.

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If 10 College Majors Were Reimagined As Alcoholic Drinks

Consider and take this as you will.

Everyone knows that alcohol can often be associated with college life in a social aspect. But the question is, how does alcohol relate to the educational aspect of college. Biased or not this is how I see each major as an alcoholic drink or rearrange them as you see fit.

1. Engineering Majors - Moonshine

To those who excel in the engineering department, you show that you can handle tough times. Therefore, I'm sure a shot of moonshine would not phase those who are brave enough to study the subject.

2. Marketing Majors - Hard Cider

Due to the fact that marketing sort of goes along with business, hard cider is the way to go for you.

3. Business Majors - Beer

Just as thousands of others have chosen to do, you chose to be the basic student and study business. So you're stuck with the basic choice of drink, beer.

4. Communication Majors - Piña Colada

What's more fun and creative than a frozen or on the rocks drink with a cute little umbrella? Only a comm. student.

5. Education Majors - Wine

Let's be honest after a day spent with hundreds of kids, you need a smooth drink, but also something that'll help take the edge off.

6. Nursing Majors - Vodka

You're around sterilizing alcohol all day long, and honestly, there is such a small difference between that and vodka itself.

7. History Majors - Whiskey

Aged just like your major, whiskey and history never get old, and it'll never go out of style.

8. English Majors - Margaritas

Although the subject may not sound enticing, the thought of a margarita does. With the hiding taste of tequila, it doesn't hit you until the end, just as a well-written book.

9. Accounting - Martinis

Sophisticated and well rounded these students tend to be, just as the drink. But spend too long studying or drinking one of these and you'll end up with a pounding headache and confusion.

10. Chemistry/Biology/Pre Med Majors - Rum

If you're training to be a doctor, researcher, or anything of that nature, you need to have some fun but also get yourself together. Just as you can have fun with rum, but when it's done, it's done.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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8 Things That All English Majors Known To Be True

Readings on readings on readings.

I am an English major, and I feel like an endangered species. Everyone that I come across here on Baylor's campus is some form of a biology major, whether they are going down the pre-med track or another pre-health objective. The few English majors that I come across bond together, because we alone understand the suffering that we go through.

While English majors are sometimes viewed as pursuing an easy major, being an English major is difficult. Here are 8 things that all English majors know to be true.

1. We always have reading to do.

While other majors have daily assignments to turn in, we English majors have readings. Lots and lots of readings. Sometimes to the point of having 200+ readings per night.

2. We are always writing essays.

While other majors have tests, we have essays. And just like readings, we have lots of them. Sometimes we have an essay per week per class.

3. We are glued to our computers.

With essays comes lots of time spent on our computers. Doing edits, typing for all hours during the day, and researching literature keeps our eyes glued to our computer all day. Every day.

4. We know all the features of Microsoft Word.

Sometimes we feel like computer programmers with our abilities to format Word documents. We can make them look like they were designed by professionals.

5. We've read all the classics.

"The Great Gatsby." "A Tale of Two Cities." "The Catcher in the Rye." "Pride and Prejudice." "Jane Eyre."

You name it, and we've probably read it (or been required to read it).

6. A trip to the bookstore is like a trip to heaven.

If you want to make an English major happy, take them to the bookstore. That is all.

7. We get excited when new books are released.

Every Tuesday brings new stories to the shelves. It also brings a lot of pain to our wallets.

8. We could spend all day reading.

No explanation needed here.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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