So you see a new show on Netflix or Hulu. Should you click it? But of course! Why? Because, that's why! Well, because...

1. You're sick and tired of waiting for the new season of an old show

It's been months, or even years, and you need something to occupy your time, and to obsess over, since you've run out of theories.

2. You're bored of the old show.

Maybe your favorite character was killed off, or a new writer started and you're not a big fan of how things are going. The logical thing to do is to find something better with a good story and where your favorites won't die (Unlikely, but still)

3. Hot guys or girls

Or girls, or whatever you're into. I can corroborate this, I know some people who can confirm this is a legitimate reason for watching something, and who can blame them? You know you want somebody hot to admire while you watch (and secretly ship yourself with.)

4. You really don't want to do that essay

Essays suck. Watching Netflix mostly doesn't suck. Logical connection, especially combined with other excuses.

5. You know something bad's going to happen in your go-to show

As much as you want to know what happens next, you don't. You know that character is going to die, or you know things are going straight to hell. Maybe if you start something new, you won't have to face it as long as you stay off Tumblr.

6. You're just bored

Maybe you have nothing to watch, and you need something to keep you entertained for the next few hours, or even days. Besides "because I was bored" may get you funny looks, looks of the priceless variety.

Now, should I really start "The Seven Deadly Sins"? Probably. I have my reasons.