6 Essential Tips To Save Money When Ballin' On A Budget

You know that feeling when your bank account is getting low and you don't get paid nearly enough to survive? That's when you start ballin' on a budget. Sure, you can text your parents asking to borrow money, but before you do that, try these helpful hacks.

1. Buy groceries from Amazon

This sounds weird, but you can buy groceries in bulk for really cheap from Amazon. I only use this for things like paper towels and cleaning supplies, but they even sell non-perishable food items. Everything is delivered to your house, which is a bonus too.

2. Use the Wish App (carefully)

Wish is an app that sells literally anything from clothes, to home decor, to phone accessories. Some people are really dubious of Wish because everything on it is literally dirt cheap. The way Wish works is that, they allow you to buy items that are made from cheaper materials but that are made to look like items that are sold in the US for much more money. You have to take Wish with a grain of salt. Sometimes (rarely) you never receive items, sometimes they end up sucking, but most of the time they're so cheap that you haven't really lost out that much. So far I've never been disappointed with any item from Wish, but I know what to expect. Use Wish with caution.

3. Try drugstore makeup dupes

For the ladies, I know we spend wayyyyy too much on makeup (why is it so expensive?) Especially when you get into the big name brands sold at Sephora. While there are some products I'm extremely loyal to, there are some that I'd be more than happy to find at a lower price. You can find suggested dupes on Pinterest or anywhere on the internet. My personal recommendation would be to try e.l.f. products. e.l.f. is so affordable, but is really high-quality stuff.

4. Use the Digit App

One way to save money without really thinking about it is to get the Digit app. It's free, and it works by taking small amounts of money that you won't miss from your bank account and saving it for you.

5. Buy Generic

Sometimes it's hard not to buy the cereal or soup we've had since we were kids, but I recommend trying some generic substitutes, some you won't like but many, especially cereals, actually come from the same factories as the name brand, and will save you a pretty penny.

6. Try Overstock.com

For big-ticket items and gifts, I use overstock.com. They have everything from electronics to furniture and at prices lower than retail. They also offer refurbished items which can usually be like brand new but for even cheaper.

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