6 development trends of intelligent scenic spot management
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6 development trends of intelligent scenic spot management

development trends

6 development trends of intelligent scenic spot management

The construction of intelligent scenic spots relies on new technologies, focusing on intelligent and digital management of scenic spots. Promote its sustainable development, which is also the overall development trend of future scenic spots. Scientific management and the integration of modern information technology can realize the harmonious development of people and scenic spots, and the purpose of low-carbon intelligent operation of scenic spots, so as to bring better service experience to tourists, reduce the management pressure borne by scenic spots, and create greater value for the society.

Smarter management

In today's computer Internet era, on the basis of existing technologies such as intelligent control technology, assisted by the application of cloud computing, simulation simulation, GIS, virtual reality and other technologies, the information of the tourism industry can be disseminated in real time, which has brought a qualitative leap to the development of tourism.

With the support of modern technology, intelligent comprehensive management can realize unified access and data interaction of intelligent systems such as ticket data, passenger flow data, parking lot management, meteorological monitoring, etc., so as to achieve more comprehensive management of scenic spots and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

At present, most scenic spots have installed monitoring platforms to fully control the situation in the scenic spots, and employees in the park can accurately identify problems through monitoring screens, and intervene in time through broadcasting or internal communication dispatch. The situation in the scenic area can also be more clearly reflected to the upper level, so as to issue relevant instructions.

More user-friendly service

The service to tourists in the scenic area is often crucial, so improving the comfort of tourists through intelligent facilities is also a major trend in the development of scenic spots. Even at night, there are many people who go to the scenic spot, LED light source energy-saving transformation in a large aspect to provide convenience, intelligent centralized control, BIM visual supervision platform according to the brightness of the lighting to display the switch status of various circuits, real-time display of operating parameters.

The establishment of high-definition display screens to replace the original scenic spot display, attraction guidance and other old traditional ways, on the one hand, to provide convenience for tourists to visit, will not appear in the scenic area to get lost, on the other hand, greatly improve the tourists' sense of experience and scenic image.

Smart scenic spots should pay attention to the tourism experience of tourists and provide tourists with a perfect and humanized tourism environment, so as to enhance the attractiveness of the park.

More systematic cooperative institutions

At present, the cooperation mechanism between many scenic spots and internal internal systems has not yet been formed, and most of the scenic spots are separated, externally isolated and internally fragmented. This phenomenon not only appears in the business cooperation between scenic spots, but also in the information communication and sharing between each other, therefore, the primary task of intelligent scenic spots is the sharing of information resources and the establishment of connections between scenic spots.

The construction of the data resource library is very necessary, the data resource library can not only digitize the scenic spot information on the network to realize the resource sharing of various internal departments, so as to improve the collaboration ability between each other, but also can transmit the news of the scenic spot to other scenic spots, and realize the dream linkage between scenic spots. Although the current development of scenic spots is like an island, the cooperation mechanism between scenic spots will be gradually systematized in the future to achieve resource sharing.

Widely used E-tickets

With the intelligence of scenic spot information, electronic tickets are sought after by the vast number of intelligent scenic spots. Compared with on-site ticket purchase, electronic ticket purchase saves time and effort, tourists can make online reservations to purchase tickets, which reduces the trouble of tourists purchasing tickets offline, refunding, and changing the time, and also reduces the burden on the staff in the scenic spot.

Compared with the physical ticket, the electronic ticket has the identification function. Tourists can enter the scenic spot by presenting the electronic ticket to the ticket turnstiles at the entrance after successful detection. It highly reduces manual labor and cost. More importantly, scanning through the turnstile also reduces the appearance of ticket evaders to a certain extent.

More comprehensive people counting and analysis system

Through the intelligent scenic spot electronic ticket sales and ticket gate data entry, more detailed statistics of passenger flow can be carried out, so as to generate stage reports, daily reports, monthly reports, various data statistical charts, etc., which is convenient for scenic spot employees to check the operation situation, so as to formulate later planning and marketing.

Through big data analysis to summarize tourists' preferences and save them in real time, the system will recommend corresponding products, activate the secondary consumption of tourists after coming to the scenic spots, increase the flow of scenic spots, and rationally use resource information to facilitate drainage.

Extensive use of intelligent security systems

Most of the current scenic spots can be said to have more than enough to improve safety measures, and intelligent scenic spots have filled this gap to a certain extent.

Fire monitoring systems will also be widely used, based on AI intelligent identification and analysis, detect potential sources of danger, timely transmit information to the upper level, and dispatch personnel to solve them. In the event of a fire, it can assist firefighters to make the best action in the first place. Most of the scenic spots in the future will mostly choose the electronic patrol system, through the APP to achieve two-dimensional code-based electronic patrol, according to the inspection path for inspection, by scanning the two-dimensional code, to complete the patrol work.

Manual scenic spot management can significantly improve the order of scenic spots through the assistance of intelligent technology, and bring tourists a better play experience. In the digital now, intelligent scenic spots are an inevitable trend in the development of scenic spots, although the branches of multiple development methods are differentiated in this subject, but in the final analysis, it is to make scenic spot control more intuitive and accurate.

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