6 Best Legit Essay Writing Services Picked By USA College Students
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6 Best Legit Essay Writing Services Picked By USA College Students

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6 Best Legit Essay Writing Services Picked By USA College Students

Every educational system has drawbacks. No matter how thoroughly the government studies the approach to studying children, there will always be something that can be improved. Many countries have different attitudes towards the aspect of homework. Some believe that homework should be an essential part of the studying process as it helps students understand and analyze new material. Others are convinced that children already spend too much time in school so doing homework assignments is excessive.

While there is a lot of debate around this topic, there is one thing that is clear for both sides of the argument: students spend too much time on homework assignments. It is often the cause of stress and sleep deprivation. Many assignments have improbable deadlines that are extremely difficult to meet. That is why the demand for legit essay writing services is so high. Students choose the option of hiring a personal assistant to get guidelines and tips. Cooperation with a professional helps them save time and cope with assignments more effectively.

How is it possible to choose a reliable and legit company? It is a reasonable question as there are many options to choose from on the web. Do you choose the one that has the nicest website? Or do you rely on the one that offers low prices? It is worth mentioning right away that every client has a list of specific requirements. Therefore, there can’t be just one answer that will universally fit everyone. However, having a short list of reliable companies would help.

The List Of Best Legit Essay Writing Services Among USA College Students

We present you the list of the services that have been assisting students for many years and have many positive reviews from their clients.

  1. Essayhave.com - top-quality writing
  2. Essaydoc.com - individual approach to every client
  3. Emergencyessay.com - high speed of delivery
  4. Buyessayscheap.com - affordable pricing
  5. Livepaperhelp.com - an impressive number of writers
  6. Customwritingservice.com - expertise in narrow topics

What is so special about these companies that helped them reach the top of this rating? Students pay close attention to several factors when it comes to online assistance. Here they are:

Safety. Even though we are living in a digital era, online services still are often associated with a scam. Indeed, people come up with multiple schemes of taking money from online users in deceitful ways. Therefore, it is crucial for an online company to prove that it is a safe environment for everyone who pays for the provided services. All of these companies on the list offer numerous guarantees to their clients. They can easily cancel their orders and get a refund. The companies also stand on guard of the clients’ confidentiality.

Originality. Plagiarism is the worst enemy of all students. Teachers apply harsh penalties in case they detect plagiarized content. Therefore, it is essential for a trustworthy service to deliver only unique content to its clients. These companies use well-known tools to detect all signs of plagiarism. On top of that, they have developed their own algorithms to have 100% originality.

Quality control. Even if the delivered content is original but has many drawbacks in terms of its quality, there is no point in using such a service again. Companies need to pay close attention to the system of quality control. The companies from the list randomly check some of the completed orders to make sure that their employees follow the high standards of academic writing.

Supportive assistance. No matter how smoothly the processes may run, there is always a chance that a client will experience difficulties at some point. The role of a support team is often underestimated. That is why it is so important to have a team of managers that are available 24/7. The clients can turn to them whenever they have a question or can’t contact their assistant.

Free revisions. All of the mentioned companies allow their clients to use the option of free revisions. If a client is not completely happy with the delivered essay, it is possible to contact the writer and ask them to correct the mistakes. Such revisions are free of charge.

Flexible prices. High prices are often one of the obstacles that do not let students hire online assistants. These companies allow clients to adjust prices according to their current needs. It is possible to add or remove some of the optional services from an order form. It means that these services become available to a bigger part of students.

Detailed Overview of the Companies

Now let’s look at each company from the list in more detail.

Essayhave - trusted by thousands of students in the US. It has been a great support for students since 2008 and continues to assist them on a daily basis. The company has many positive reviews on Sitejabber and Google for that reason.

The key feature of the company is its high quality of services. If you need to get help with a massive assignment that has a direct impact on your final grade, this is the right place to go. The company hires only experienced writers who demonstrate extraordinary writing skills during the application process.

Moreover, the team at Essayhave.com regularly checks the quality of delivered orders to make sure they offer top-notch assistance. If an expert can’t guarantee the consistency of the services, there is no place for them at this company. Note that you will not pay directly to your assistant. The company will reserve the payment and wait until your approval.

The blog on the official website has a lot of valuable information about writing techniques. If you have enough time, don’t hesitate to visit it. There are articles on various topics that are relevant to every student.

Essaydoc.com - here you get to be in total control over the situation. You can choose who is going to assist you with an essay.

After you fill out an order form, you will see a list of writers who are ready to become your support. If you are wondering what is the point in doing it by yourself instead of letting the managers find the perfect writer for you, there are several reasons.

Firstly, you get to review the background and ratings of all the writers. Previous clients evaluated the performance of their assistants. Secondly, you get to choose the best offer in terms of price. You see the writers’ bids and can choose the most convenient option.

As you can see, the company takes an individual approach to every client. On one hand, the managers do not interfere in the process. On the other hand, they are always available to answer your questions and solve problems.

Emergencyessay.com - reliable support for students with urgent orders. One of the main reasons why they turn to online services is the lack of time. Writing an essay during the nighttime is the kind of experience no one wants to have. This company is a great choice for those who need to turn in their assignments on short notice. Even if there are only 4 hours left before the deadline, the experts here will help you.

The company managed to create a business that can handle the pressure of tight deadlines and offer affordable pricing at the same time. You will not have to overpay for the high speed of delivery. The professionals here will do their best to deliver your order on time.

Buyessayscheap.org - the best place to find reasonably priced assistance. If high prices stop you from using online services, this is a great opportunity for you to overcome this barrier. The company states that it regularly monitors the prices on the market and tries to make the best offer to its clients.

It is worth mentioning that there are no compromises in terms of quality here. Even though the prices are more than reasonable, it does not mean that you will get plagiarized content. The experts here write every essay from scratch. So, you don’t need to worry about the originality of the content.

Livepaperhelp.com - you will never have to wait for a long time to get writing assistance if you turn to this company. Here you will find more than 500 writers that are ready to start working on your order right after you’ve placed it. Oftentimes, other services do not hire as many employees to cover the needs of their clients. That is why clients need to wait till an expert becomes available. You will not face such a problem here.

Every client gets the option of communicating with the assistant directly. You can discuss the tricky parts of your assignment and get tips on how to overcome these obstacles. Also, there is a wide range of disciplines to choose from here. You will definitely find the perfect expert to assist you.

Customwritingservice.com - if you need assistance with an assignment on a narrow subject area, this company is the best place to try your luck finding a qualified assistant. Here you have over 70 disciplines to choose from when you need help with a mind-boggling assignment. No matter how sophisticated the assignment might be, you will find the writer that has relevant expertise here.

The company also offers its clients the option to hire one of the top experts. In case you are working on a project that determines your final grade, you might want to cooperate with one of the best specialists. This option will increase the price of your order but it has proven to be effective.

Questions that Need Answers

Take a look at the popular question that students often ask the managers at online services. Perhaps, you will find the answers to yours as well.

What are the risks of getting online assistance?

The obvious risk is to stumble upon a scamming scheme. To avoid having this unpleasant experience, you can use the list of the top 6 companies. They have been assisting students for many years and have no sign of fraud. If you decide to choose another company, at least make sure it offers a secure payment method.

How can these services be legit?

Online writing services are legit as they do not break any laws. They deliver original content that the students may then use in any way they desire. The essay you get is a sample of great work written on a specific topic. You can use it as inspiration or just another source of information.

How fast can I receive my order?

It is probably the most popular question. Without a doubt, every client wants to receive the order as fast as possible. However, there are several factors that determine the delivery date. The complexity and volume of the assignment are the key ones. Also, if the topic is too narrow, you might need to wait some extra time for the support team to find a writer with relevant experience.


As you see, different companies have different benefits.It is easier to find the most convenient option according to your specific requirements when you have fewer than 10 companies to choose from. Without a doubt, the research study of online services requires a lot of time. Therefore, you can choose an easier way and use this short list of options as your guide.

It is safe to rely on the reviews of many American students when you have never hired an online assistant before. It is also a good idea in case you have had a negative experience using it. Analyze the advantages of all the above-mentioned companies to make an informed decision.

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