57 Things I've Learned In College
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57 Things I've Learned In College

This is nothing that can be taught in a lecture or textbook.

57 Things I've Learned In College
Delanie Donovan

In my three semesters as a college student, I've learned more about myself than I thought I needed to know. Obviously, I knew there was a lot of the world I had yet to be exposed to and there were experiences I wouldn't have anywhere else, but the lessons I've learned so far have been far and beyond anything I would have imagined.

1. Power of a prayer.

2. Her success is not my failure. Stop with the comparisons. Celebrate the victories and be humbled in the failure. Every step is taking you closer to something greater than you can imagine.

3. Never assume.

4. Things have a way of working out and coming full circle.

5. It's okay to be wrong.

6. Do what you can with where you are.

7. Take pictures with your heart, not just your phone.

8. Dance in the rain, sing crazy songs, laugh even if everyone gives you funny looks.

9. Grab the opportunities God has given you and don't look back.

10. There will always be a reason to say "no" to moving forward, but new beginnings can happen anywhere. Don't let fear hold you in your comfort zone.

11. Forgive, often.

12. Let go of the past, but don't forget it.

13. Live in the moment. Sit in the sunshine, smell the flowers, dance in your underwear, eat the cake, wear the dress that makes you feel beautiful, sing at the top of your lungs. Be fearless. Be free.

14. Your friends should talk with you, not about you.

15. You deserve to be pursued. Don't fall for the first guy who tells you that you're beautiful. Wait for the guy who brings you soup when you're sick and respects you for your heart, not just your body.

16. Find your "spot" and go there when you need to get away.

17. Take time to be alone.

18. Busy doesn't always mean successful.

19. Override grumpiness with graciousness.

20. Read real, thought-provoking books.

21. Know your limits but don't stay stuck in your comfort zone.

22. Take the time to do your homework, and do it well. This is the time to really dig into what interests you. Discover your passion.

23. Be involved in something- a club, a job, a volunteer position, a sport. Do something that gets you out of your room and interacting with others.

24. You're going to remember the weekend spent at home with your family more than you will remember the test you spent the night studying for.

25. They may laugh now, but they'll love the scarves you knit them.

26. Name brand isn't always best.

27. Splurge on the good stuff but be smart with your money. Thrift store jeans are just as good, if not better, than full price.

28. Allow yourself to cry.

29. The way you define yourself is how others will see you. If you want to be seen as confident, tell yourself you are confident. Say it is so and it is. It doesn't take willpower when it's who you are.

30. Natural exercise is good and all, but don't be intimidated by the gym. Eat the cake, but make sure you do your crunches.

31. Bless with more. The more you give, more is given.

32. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

33. Manage your time. Get your homework done but don't forget to have a social life. (It is possible.)

34. Write about things that inspire you.

35. Your attitude toward life will determine life's attitude toward you.

36. Double text. Triple text.


38. Turn your phone off. Be in the moment.

39. Give compliments more than you receive them.

40. You're more like your parents than you think.

41. Call home often.

42. Conflict isn't always bad.

43. Ask your professor for help. It's their job.

44. Friends come and go. You'll find out quickly who really cares.

45. Positive thinking really does influence the rest of your life.

46. Release the limiting thoughts and bring in the truth.

47. Everyone is "stressed", but don't let that take over your life. Just because you're stressed doesn't give you a free pass to be grumpy.

48. Be vulnerable in your faith. Fall to your knees, throw your arms in the air.

49. Ditch the umbrella. Jump in the puddles and dance in the rain. (Unless you live in Iowa and it's freezing rain in November. Then bring the umbrella.)

50. Fall in love with the process. If you don't love it now, you won't love it later.

51. Every problem has an answer.

52. The same pattern won't keep serving you.

53. Plan for results, not just work.

54. You don't have to work harder, just be more intentional.

55. Everyone deserves success. God didn't create us to take up space. He put something amazing in each of us.

56. Let your heart break and don't be afraid to pick up the pieces.

57. Discover you, not anybody else.

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