55 Questions Only College Students Ask Each Other

55 Questions Only College Students Ask Each Other

Because we're a bunch of lost 20-somethings just trying to graduate.

College is undoubtedly a very stressful environment. The close proximity makes it easier to lean on others for support, which college students often do. Here are common questions we've all asked a fellow student at least once.

1. Did you do the reading?

If so, can you give me a one-sentence debrief?

2. Did you go to class?

If so, can you tell me what we did?

3. Are you going to class?

4. Are you done for the day?

The most relieving feeling in college is being done for the day- with classes, jobs, etc. Now, homework! But at least I can sit in my dorm in my pajamas and avoid social contact until the next morning.

5. Did you study?

Please say no, because I didn't either.

6. Do you want to go get food?

My answer is always yes.

7. Are you going out tonight?

8. Are you going home this weekend?

9. Do you have any alcohol?

10. What house is throwing down this weekend?

11. Do you want to go to the party together?

12. Did we have homework?

13. Is the final cumulative?

14. Wanna go off campus and get some real food?

I'm always craving Panera. And Starbucks.

15. Did that meal at the dining hall make you feel sick?

16. Did you sleep with him?

17. Did you use protection?

18. Wanna come to Target with me?

I need to restock on snacks.

19. Do you have any snacks?

I ate my last bag of pretzels for breakfast.

20. Did you buy the textbook?

21. Can I borrow your book?

22. Do I have to buy the book?

23. How was your weekend?

24. How is your hangover?

25. Who is your roommate?

Nope, don't know 'em.

26. Do you have a fake?

27. Is it too late in the semester to drop a class?

28. Have you taken a class with Professor [enter last name here]?

29. Was that class hard?

30. Where are you living on campus next year?

31. When is the Pass-Fail deadline?

32. Is a 64 passing?

33. How do I drop a class?

34. Can I borrow your notes?

For those days I slept through class.

35. When is the midterm?

36. Are you going on Spring Break?

37. What if I dropped out of college and became a stripper?

38. What's your grade?

39. Can I come over?

*texts this while walking to friend's dorm*

40. Can you let me in?

*texts from outside the dorm because you forgot your keys*

41. Wanna split an Uber?

42. Wanna order a pizza tonight?

43. *calls home* Mom, can you come pick me up?

44. Who is that?

Me anytime anyone mentions literally anyone.

45. Do you have a car on campus?

46. Do I look as bad as I feel?

47. How is the baseball team doing this year?

48. Want to be in my group?

Those dreaded group projects... If you're lucky enough to be able to pick your group!

49. Can I be in your group?

When you have no friends in that class.

50. Can you cover me?

I'm broke, OK?

51. Where is the Registrar's Office?

And/or WHAT IS the registrar

52. Who is the DD?

53. What are you doing this summer?

54. Is your Wi-Fi working?

55. When is this due?

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10 Things To Do When It Just Isn't Your Day

Don't let the bad day blues get you down.

We have all had our fair share of under the weather, no good, very bad, sad and rainy days. No one is a stranger to the days that hiding under the covers feels like the only right thing to do. All you know is that you don’t want to feel this down, so what do you do next? Look no more! There are plenty of fool proof ways to survive that seemingly impossible day. Personally tried and tested, at least one of these methods is bound to help. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your head (and heart) above water:

1. Eat whatever you want.

You know that the first thing to come to mind after and during a rough day is what your next meal will be. TREAT YOURSELF! Do you want that family size bag of chocolate pretzels? Eat the entire thing. In one sitting.

2. Take every possible opportunity for a nap.

What better to do after a big meal than to enter into temporary hibernation. Sleep that day off. Catch some Z's and drop your problems.

3. Drink a cup of tea/hot chocolate.

Let a good cup of tea or hot chocolate heal your soul with its cozy and sweet embrace. This step is ESSENTIAL for a cold or rainy day.

4. Watch a whole lot of Youtube/Netflix.

Been meaning to binge The Office? Today is your lucky day! Life gave you a swift kick in the behind and you can find your healing in Michael Scott's puns.

5. Cry.

Just let it out. If you need to cry a new great lake, so be it. No one will judge, we've all been there.

6. Find someone to vent to.

Phone a friend. Or find one to hold you during # 5. Regardless, find someone to listen to you vent about your big bad day.

7. Take a long walk...to your fridge (Repeat Step 1)

So you've eaten and taken the nap but all of that sleeping burns calories. You are a growing human being, aren't you? You deserve that second round of junk food.

8. Find a dog and pet it.

This step cannot be skipped. The experience of petting a sweet and loving dog of any shape or size is instant healing.

9. Listen to that playlist.

You know what this is for you. For some, it's listening to more sad music when you're already sad. For others it's french club music or maybe even classical. Genres aside, you know just what playlist is going to get you through this.

10. If all else fails...call your parents.

If you gather anything from this, do not take this step for granted. A call to a parent or family member might just be the clarity you need. Besides, you know they would love to hear from you.

Good luck and remember that tomorrow is a new day!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Elisabeth Carell, Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should Choose The University Of Wisconsin-Madison

The students here at UW-Madison want you (and Steve) to know that nothing beats being a Badger.

Steve Carell stepped outside of the office and into the hearts of UW-Madison students Monday afternoon.

The celebrity was seen casually touring the campus with his daughter — Elisabeth Carell — in the most dad-like way possible, and cohorts of "The Office" fans and Carell enthusiasts were sending a flurry of tweets to update UW-Madison students on his location.

Close up selfies of students with Carell soon confirmed that he really was on campus and some students said they dropped everything they were doing — including going to class and studying for midterms — just to search for him.

Carell and his daughter are allegedly touring another Big Ten campus, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, but the students here at UW-Madison want Elisabeth to know that nothing beats being a Badger.

With that being said, we have one message we'd like to send to her:

Dear Elisabeth Carell,

Choose our campus. This is without a doubt the best college in the nation and we want you to join the Badger family.

Although there are plenty of reasons why you should attend UW-Madison, here are nine.

1. We have the Terrace

No other university can beat the breathtaking view from the Terrace. And on hot summer days, you can relax on the colorful sunburst chairs, jump into Lake Mendota or enjoy a scoop of Babcock ice cream.

2. We have the best mascot in the Big Ten

It's impossible not to love Bucky.

3. We have the craziest game days

You'll get goosebumps on your first Badger game day.

Amid the sea of red, we'll be right there with you dancing to "Jump Around," screaming "We! Want! More! Beer!" and singing "Build Me Up Buttercup." Our marching band will be sure to get you pumped — you won't want to miss it.

4. We have the greatest traditions

Link arms with us to sing our time-honored "Varsity." Participate in our annual Lakeshore-Southeast snowball fight. Walk on a frozen Lake Mendota in the wintertime. Rub Abe's foot for good luck before a big exam or sit on his lap when you graduate.

Needless to say, we have some of the oldest and best college traditions in the nation.

5. We have amazing faculty

What's not to love about Chancellor Becky Blank and Dean of Students Lori Berquam?

They seem to be the best of friends and are always trying to make our campus a better place.

6. We have the most breathtaking views

The view from the top of Bascom Hill will always remind you of just how amazing UW-Madison is.

From the scenery of Lake Mendota during the day to the Capitol building's lights in the evening, our campus has beautiful views that will truly take your breath away.

7. We have State Street

State Street is always lively and bustling.

With dozens of shops, restaurants and food carts, you'll never get bored here.

8. We have a beautiful Capitol

You can enjoy Saturday on the Square, where fresh veggies and baked goods are aplenty at the Dane County Farmers' Market.

On summer days, this is definitely something you'll want to cross off your Badger bucket list.

9. Some of the best people will walk into your life

The camaraderie of Badgers is something you'll be proud of. You'll make connections with some of the best people, and together, you'll make some of the greatest memories ever.

There's no better place to be than UW-Madison — because when you say Wisconsin, you've said it all.

Cover Image Credit: Facebook

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