55 Questions Only College Students Ask Each Other

55 Questions Only College Students Ask Each Other

Because we're a bunch of lost 20-somethings just trying to graduate.

College is undoubtedly a very stressful environment. The close proximity makes it easier to lean on others for support, which college students often do. Here are common questions we've all asked a fellow student at least once.

1. Did you do the reading?

If so, can you give me a one-sentence debrief?

2. Did you go to class?

If so, can you tell me what we did?

3. Are you going to class?

4. Are you done for the day?

The most relieving feeling in college is being done for the day- with classes, jobs, etc. Now, homework! But at least I can sit in my dorm in my pajamas and avoid social contact until the next morning.

5. Did you study?

Please say no, because I didn't either.

6. Do you want to go get food?

My answer is always yes.

7. Are you going out tonight?

8. Are you going home this weekend?

9. Do you have any alcohol?

10. What house is throwing down this weekend?

11. Do you want to go to the party together?

12. Did we have homework?

13. Is the final cumulative?

14. Wanna go off campus and get some real food?

I'm always craving Panera. And Starbucks.

15. Did that meal at the dining hall make you feel sick?

16. Did you sleep with him?

17. Did you use protection?

18. Wanna come to Target with me?

I need to restock on snacks.

19. Do you have any snacks?

I ate my last bag of pretzels for breakfast.

20. Did you buy the textbook?

21. Can I borrow your book?

22. Do I have to buy the book?

23. How was your weekend?

24. How is your hangover?

25. Who is your roommate?

Nope, don't know 'em.

26. Do you have a fake?

27. Is it too late in the semester to drop a class?

28. Have you taken a class with Professor [enter last name here]?

29. Was that class hard?

30. Where are you living on campus next year?

31. When is the Pass-Fail deadline?

32. Is a 64 passing?

33. How do I drop a class?

34. Can I borrow your notes?

For those days I slept through class.

35. When is the midterm?

36. Are you going on Spring Break?

37. What if I dropped out of college and became a stripper?

38. What's your grade?

39. Can I come over?

*texts this while walking to friend's dorm*

40. Can you let me in?

*texts from outside the dorm because you forgot your keys*

41. Wanna split an Uber?

42. Wanna order a pizza tonight?

43. *calls home* Mom, can you come pick me up?

44. Who is that?

Me anytime anyone mentions literally anyone.

45. Do you have a car on campus?

46. Do I look as bad as I feel?

47. How is the baseball team doing this year?

48. Want to be in my group?

Those dreaded group projects... If you're lucky enough to be able to pick your group!

49. Can I be in your group?

When you have no friends in that class.

50. Can you cover me?

I'm broke, OK?

51. Where is the Registrar's Office?

And/or WHAT IS the registrar

52. Who is the DD?

53. What are you doing this summer?

54. Is your Wi-Fi working?

55. When is this due?

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A New Perspective For 2019

New year, new you... but for real this time.


As this year comes to a close, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on how it went. Like every year, there have been a few bumps in the road, but overall, 2018 was not terrible (unpopular opinion, I know). With that being said, I hope to make 2019 even better, and with that, comes a change in perspective.

I am done spending my time to worry about things that I can't control. This year, I am going to focus on being a better version of myself, and the time spent on worrying and complaining needs to be left in 2018. I want to get the most out of life and reach my full potential. I will start saying "yes" more and go with the flow instead of constantly trying to control everyone and everything in my life. I want to live in the moment and not worry about all the work I could be doing instead. You only live once (YOLO), so we might as well make the best of it.

It is time to start only surrounding myself with people who love me. I know the whole "cut toxic people out of your life" idea is overdone, but it really is true. We should all simply focus on those who make us feel loved and make us better people. There is no point in being fake to others or putting yourself in a bad mood because you have to be around someone who makes you feel bitter and upset. It is time to wake up people!!! Be a little selfish and only be with people that make you happy and help you grow.

It is important for me to stay positive. Sometimes I get so caught up in the drama in my life that I forget to sit back and put things into perspective. This year will be about staying positive, but also being realistic. I can't dwell in the negativity; I want to let myself be upset, but then accept it, move on, and learn from it. This year is going to be all about learning and finding lessons in the little things.

Basically, I want to be the best I can be at everything that I do. I will try to put 100% of my effort into everything, even the little things. You get what you put out in this world, so if I do the best I possibly can, I will get the best back in return: the law of attraction… look it up.

Another thing that I want to start focusing on is looking for the good in people. My grandma has always said that you should find at least one positive attribute about every single person you meet. I know this might be genuinely hard to do for some people, but think of all the good that can come from it. This simple change can really make you a better person internally, and even a better person to be around. I want to be someone that makes other people's days brighter. If I am constantly gossiping and focusing on the bad in people, I won't be fun to be around, I would just be an insanely draining person.

2019 is the perfect time for us to start focusing on what is really important in life. We should all focus on making deeper connections with our family and friends, and just being a better human being all around. I hope this year brings us all nothing but peace and happiness.

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