55 Thoughts I Had Watching Shameless Season One

55 Thoughts I Had Watching Shameless Season One

Here's what you missed on Shameless...

This may come as a surprise, but I am typically known as that person who is late to the party. Forget even late, sometimes I’m not even invited or I don’t even bother to show up. This is why it is unsurprising that I have just discovered the amazing show that is Shameless.

I know what you’re probably thinking. This girl has been missing out, and you would be rightfully so to shame or gasp at me. Yes, Shameless is still currently running in its sixth season but I’m here now and I am all in.

I intend to complete this series from start to finish. I have never found a series so engaging so fast that I felt I needed to write about it, and what better time to do so when on the high of my Shameless love. So here are my thoughts that I had watching the first season of Shameless.

1. Oh my gosh, all of these kids are so cute. Especially Liam.

2. Emmy Rossum is running this shit. I’m already in.

3. Frank is definitely not winning father of the year anytime soon.

4. Van from Reba is on this show?!

5. JOAN CUSACK?! Who isn’t on this show?!?

6. Veronica and Kev are definitely goals.

7. Steve is a rich dick, but his butt is on point.

8. Lip is the sassy, quick witted smart-ass that I need in my life. Also, his facial expressions are everything.

9. Ian is a precious ginger cupcake.

10. Kash is such a coward, Ian can do better.

11. The “Here’s what you missed on Shameless intros” are so brutally honest that they remind me that I owe all of my time to this show.

12. Helllooo, Officer Tony.

13. Sheila is a queen and no man least of all Frank deserves her.

14. Mandy, Ian, and Lip are a trio I could get down with it. Now, if only we could get rid of Karen…

15. Where can I get an Aunt Ginger?

16. Debbie just wants friends! I’ll be your friend, Debbie.

17. If I roll my eyes at Karen one more time, they might stop working altogether.

18. How Kev gets married may be one of the funniest most awkward moments on television ever.

19. Kev and Veronica having a fake wedding to make a bunch of money is so real it hurts.

20. Screw you, Frank. These are Fiona’s kids.

21. “CARL!”

22. Fiona does not spend nearly enough time for herself, yet somehow always looks pretty.

23. Bringing Al’s Beef and fries to a fancy ass hotel for dinner? Well played, Steve.


25. Frank’s life story is that he is a dead man walking, so faking his death was inevitable.

26. The fact that we see Fiona rarely break down makes it harder to watch when she does.

27. Seeing how great a father Frank could actually be if he was sober really bums me out because it will never happen permanently.

28. The way Kev obsesses over fostering a child is so precious to watch.

29. My heart breaks for Ethel. She never had the chance to be a kid. Hopefully her and the Gallaghers get along.

30. The guy from University of Chicago just gave Lip the wake-up call about his future if he stays with Karen and doesn’t go to college. I’ll start saving for his tuition fund now.

31. Steve, no I was just starting to like you and now you’ve been lying about your entire life this whole time?

32. “Damn Gallaghers!” may as well be the tagline for this show.

33. I love Steve’s mom more from one scene than I have ever loved Steve this entire season.

34. Debbie has become my new queen.

35. But Steve bought Fiona the house right next store to her home?! I…..I….ughhhhhh!


37. I never thought I would hate anyone more than Frank until Monica showed up.

38. Fiona told off her mom and she totally deserved it. One of the best scenes of this season by far. Fiona helped those kids succeed.


40. Okay, Mickey’s starting to grow on me I guess but be careful Ian!

41. When Lip tries to get Florence and the Machine tickets, I have to ask, "Why are you so perfect?"

42. Tony, I’m starting to turn on you. Fiona is not yours. Get over it, bro.

43. Whoaaaaaaaaa, Eddie I don’t like Karen either, but you should never call your daughter a whore. Yikes, man.

44. “You took PCP without me?” is the best line of the season.

45. My poor Ian can’t catch a break, but like Lip I would congratulate him on not being Frank’s child.

46. I feel like I want to like Jessica, but she seems to fit in with Fiona so well that I can’t trust her.

47. When Lip said Ian had nothing to do with him stealing the car, my heart broke. Their relationship just keeps getting stronger and better to watch.

48. I thought I hated Karen before, but that was just the preface for what I feel for her now. At least now Lip can be done with her for good. They can’t come back from this.

49. That’s right, Tony you break the law to get my boys out of jail! You have nothing else to do besides lament over Fiona.

50. Sheila is the best character on this series. She kicked Eddie out once and for all and overcame her fear of going outside. I wish nothing but happiness for her.

51. I never thought I would feel bad for Karen, but I do. She really needs help.

52. I never liked Eddie, but that scene with the ice. Brutal.

53. Lip, Lip, Lip. Oh my gosh. You were trying to help, but made things so much worse. If only you knew.

54. That’s right, Fiona you stay in Chicago with your family. I’m glad I can stay liking you and not hate you if you had ran off with Steve to Costa Rica. I want you to be happy, but girl you did yourself a huge favor.

55. Being in Chicago sucks during the winter, but damn it’s so beautiful.

These were just a couple of my thoughts that I had while watching season one. Be sure to look out for future lists of my thoughts once I have wrapped up each season of Shameless.

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