I have been working in the retail business for almost two years at a baby store, and within that time, I have acquired a new respect for every retail worker out there. The things we go through on a daily basis are crazy, and I don’t think people realize how much work retail workers do.

Our job is to represent the face of the company, so that means smiling, fake-laughing at dumb jokes, apologizing for issues out of our control, and refraining from cursing out complaining customers. Just another day in that retail life.

1. “I don’t want to be here.”

2. “Same shift, different day.”

3. “When’s lunch?”

4. “What time do I leave again?”

5. “Of course, you want to buy thirty pieces of clothing, all with security tags.”

6. “Oh, you’re paying with cash, too?”

7. “No need for an attitude.”

8. “I can only go so fast.”

9. “Why can’t people just pay the price in the system?”

10. “Why do I need to walk around this entire store to find your item?”

11. “Of course, this item is missing the barcode.”

12. “My manager is going to tell you the same thing.”

13. “But, you’re right, I’m to blame here.”

14. “Please get approved for the credit card.”

15. “Welp, that sucks.”

16. “I’m just going to laugh cause I have no idea what they said.”

17. “There’s nothing to do.”

18. “That’s a really cute baby.”

19. “This stuff is hella expensive.”

20. “I love it when people let their children grab everything and throw merchandise everywhere.”

21. “Just another thing I have to do tonight.”

22. “If that child does not stop crying, I’m going to lose it.”

23. “If you have a registry, why are returning stuff?”

24. “I hate hearing the same songs every day.”

25. “Just two more hours.”

26. “I am ready for a nap.”

27. “Doing re-shop is so much more fun than standing at the registers.”

28. “Oh no, someone’s coming my way.”

29. “Don’t make eye contact. Don’t make eye contact.”

30. “Just keep smiling.”

31. “I can’t bag people’s items and answer the phone at the same time.”

32. “Why is the store so packed at eleven AM?”

33. “Did you really put something I need to scan in my already scanned pile?”

34. “That’s super helpful!”

35. “I’m glad there are some happy customers.”

36. “It’s not my fault that your baby monitor isn’t working.”

37. “Of course, you don’t have an item number.”

38. “Now, I get to spend fifteen minutes looking up your vague description of what you’re looking for.”

39. “We don’t have everything in the back.”

40. “But I guess I will check just to make you feel better.”

41. *Internally screams*

42. “You really want a price check on every item you’re buying?”

43. “That’s not frustrating or anything.”

44. “Or that I’m being timed for every transaction.”

45. “Even though they just yelled at you, keep smiling.”

46. “Dang it, I missed a security tag.”

47. “I’ve never heard of that brand.”

48. “But maybe one of my co-workers have.”

49. “Where does this item go again?”

50. “Man, I hate closing.”

51. “Yes, it makes perfect sense to start shopping five minutes before we close.”

52. “We love it when that happens.”

53. “We closed fifteen minutes ago, what are you still doing here?”

54. “Just keep smiling, even though this is the most irritating thing ever.”

55. “Can’t wait to do this again tomorrow.”