53 Thoughts Every Alabama Girl Has On Game Day

53 Thoughts Every Alabama Girl Has On Game Day

Play for four stay, stay for four? But.... it's so hot.

Some people look forward to the weekend for some rest and relaxation time. If you’re an Alabama gal, you look forward to it for a little different reason — game day.


1. “Oh boy, oh boy — it’s game day.”

2. “What should I wear? Dress or jersey?”

3. “It’s a day game. Definitely going with the dress.”

4. “Ugh the only thing that works with this dress is a sticker bra.”

Sweating make up

5. “Why am I putting on make-up if I am just going to sweat it off?”

6. “Because I want to look hot, that’s why.”

7. “Stupid clear purses messing with my outfit mojo.”

8. “Oh, I am so sexy. Def need to take a pic at this game.”

The sun is too bright

9. “I don’t want to go outside. The sun is out there.”

10. “Oh Lord, it’s too hot. I am going to die.”

11. “What are the symptoms of a heat stroke?”

12. “Why did we park a million miles away?”

13. “Tailgates are all out of free food and there are too many drunk people. Why did I come?”

14. “If we don’t go to the stadium now, we are going to get such bad seats.”

Avoiding someone

15. “Oh great, there’s Amy from bio. Do I need to say hi?”

16. “Welp, she’s waving and coming over. Guess that answers my question.”

17. “Finally we can go to the stadium.”

18. “Yes, that picture on my student ID is me. Just because I don’t have my glasses on doesn’t make me a different person.”

19. “That girl’s romper is so cute. I want.”

20. “Seriously, I think this is heat stroke.”

21. “We should’ve watched the game at home.”


23. “I need to pee I need to pee I need to pee I need to pee.”

24. “Jeez, is every girl in the stadium in this bathroom line.”

25. “Dammit, this stall doesn’t lock.”

26. “Our band has a pump-up video. We are too cool.”


27. “U-S-A, U-S-A.”

28. “So. Hot.”


30. “Hey Alabama, drown ‘em tide!”

31. “I wish they’d play Dixieland Delight.”

32. “Poor other team, needing to play us. They have no chance.”

Nick Saban

33. “Nick Saban is my spirit animal.”

34. “How are these frat guys wearing full suits?”

34. “I should’ve worn sandals. Or chucks.”

35. “I need Dreamland nachos ASAP.”

36. “Why are all these people leaving at halftime? PLAY FOR FOUR, STAY FOR FOUR.”

Big Screen

37. “What do I need to do to get on the big screen?”

38. “What the heck is the ref calling? Is he even watching the same game as me?”


40. “Hey, another touchdown!”


41. “The band is playing Beyonce?! Roll Tide.”

42. “Oh great, another drunk frat guy stumbling around.”

43. “To pay $4 for water or to dehydrate…. That is the real decision.”

44. “Why do they say a quarter is 15 minutes when it really takes at least 40?”

45. “LOL 49-0.”



47. “Too many people. Never getting out of this stadium.”

48. “I can’t wait to take my clothes off and shower.”

49. “And to drink a whole gallon of water.”

50. “Finally made it home.”


51. “Need a good Insta caption…"

52. "Maybe something about my babe Saban.”

53. “I can’t wait until next Saturday.”

Cover Image Credit: Amanda Topolski

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10 Things You Should Know About Dating A Wrestler

Keep calm and date a wrestler.

Dating an athlete can be difficult or easy depending on whether or not you get interested in the sport or not. Yeah, sure, you might date a football player, a baseball player, or a basketball player, but dating a wrestler is different. Dating a wrestler is different because wrestling is a different sport than football or baseball. Wrestling can also be a confusing sport, especially for girls. So, if you plan on dating a wrestler, or are dating a wrestler now, I just want to let you know that you are in for a roller coaster ride! Here are 10 things that you should know if you plan on dating or are dating a wrestler now:

1. Singlets.

In wrestling, you don't have the typical sports uniform. Singlets are basically a tight one piece of spandex. Some may think they are awkward or weird looking, but that is what wrestlers have as their "uniforms". You will see not only your boyfriend in his singlet but over the years you will see hundreds of other boys that wrestle in their singlet as well.

2. Wrestling terminology.

In wrestling you don't have touchdowns, baskets, or homeruns. You might be thinking, "what is there in wrestling then?" Well, in wrestling you have pins, takedowns, reversals, and so much more. When dating a wrestler, you don't necessarily have to fully understand the sport, but you should have a small understanding of the terms!

3. Loud parents.

Our parents are our #1 fans in everything we do, and that is the same for wrestling. You may have heard parents yelling before at a football or baseball game, but that is outside. Wrestling is inside and you will hear everything parents have to yell because you are in the same gym as them.

4. All day tournaments.

When dating a wrestler, be prepared to sit on uncomfortable bleachers from early morning hours until late evening hours! Don't ever plan something on the day of a wrestling tournament because chances are, you will be in a gym all day long! Wrestling tournaments last for hours, take place in hot, crowded gymnasiums, and have concession stand food.

5. Smelly gyms.

Don't think that you will sit in a gym that smells good when dating a wrestler because I have news for you, you WON'T. There are hundreds of wrestlers in the same gym and are all sweaty. Need I say more?

6. "Hanger" is real.

If you think that you get moody when you are hungry, wait until you see a wrestler who has been cutting weight all week and just finished their match.

7. Injuries.

Wrestling is probably the sport that has the highest risk of injuries. These injuries can be minor or unfortunately sometimes major. Wrestling is two strong people lifting, and twisting each other in a singlet and headgear, so you will have injuries. Nose bleeds, bruised eyes, and twisted ankles are on the minor end of wrestling injuries, while broken bones, and torn ligaments, and concussions are on the major end of wrestling injuries, with hundreds of others in between.

8. Losing.

Just like any other sport, losing is something that happens in wrestling too. The best thing to do if your wrestler loses is to not talk about the match for awhile and just let them be on their own until they are ready to talk to you.

9. Anxiety.

Watching your boyfriend wrestle comes with anxiety. You have so many thoughts in your head like please let him be the winner and please don't let him get hurt. You will be on the edge of your seat watching his match, oh and if you like to get your nails done, don't do it during wrestling season because sometimes you find yourself biting your nails!

10. Winning!

Sure wrestling might be a confusing, anxious, and weird sport to some, but seeing your wrestler win is worth everything else that comes with wrestling. There is no better feeling than seeing your boyfriend have his hand raised by the referee at the end of a match or being up on the podium with a medal around his neck! They have worked so hard to get to this point and they can finally say that they did it. When they win, you win too because you have a happy wrestler! You may also find yourself holding back some tears after a win or after a huge milestone in wrestling!

There you have it, ten things that you should about dating a wrestler! Wrestling is a sport with so many pros and cons, but you may eventually find yourself loving the sport just as much as you love your wrestler!

Cover Image Credit: keepcalm-o-matic

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Ryan Donato Turns Heads At The Olympics

The young forward's olympic and collegiate success could force the Bruins' hand.

Ryan Donato is giving the Boston Bruins something to think about as the regular season enter the final stretch.

Donato has exceeded expectations and captured the world’s attention in the process after he appeared for Team USA in the men’s ice hockey tournament portion of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

Although the USA Olympic hockey team failed to earn a medal after bowing out to to the Czech Republic in a shootout in the quarterfinals, Donato was one of the driving forces behind any of the success that the team had.

Donato finished the tournament with five goals and a total of six points, potting four goals total against Slovakia’s team; two of which came in an elimination game against the country.

Donato’s success on the world stage has left hockey fans all over the United States buzzing about his talent. Of course, Bruins fans have known about his talent for a while, following him throughout his years playing in Massachusetts at Harvard University, as well as keeping tabs on him through the four years he has participated in the Bruins’ summer development camp.

At Harvard, Donato already showcased his knack for finding the back of the net with two straight NCAA seasons of more than 20 goals, including a new high of 22 this season. With 33 points in just 24 games at the collegiate level, Donato is attempting to lead Harvard back to the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament after appearing in the semifinals last year.

The Bruins drafted Donato in the second round of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft. His father, Ted, who is incidentally the coach of Harvard’s ice hockey team, was a former NHL player who was also drafted by the Bruins and spent the majority of his 14-year career with Boston.

Ted’s ties with the organization have stuck with his son, who has made it known that he would love to play for the Bruins when the time comes for him to make a decision to play professionally.

His recent success at both the collegiate and international levels might make his desire to play for the Bruins a reality.

With the trade deadline approaching and rumors that the Bruins are looking to add reinforcements on offense to gear up for a playoff run, Donato may be the answer they are looking for.

After already acquiring defenseman Nick Holden from the New York Rangers for their third-round pick and prospect Rob O’Gara and flipping depth forward Frank Vatrano to the Florida Panthers for a replacement third-round pick, the Bruins left their roster with exactly 12 forwards, nine defenseman and two goalies, implying that a move to acquire a new forward may be in the works to add depth to the 12 forwards that will be on the ice. Ryan Donato could be the depth piece that they are looking for.

The Bruins know all too well that injuries can derail a team’s hopes to make noise in the postseason after they needed to play 10 total defensemen in the first round last year against the Ottawa Senators. Signing Donato would give the Bruins an additional forward that they can stick into the lineup, as well as give the team depth down the stretch if they need additional bodies. It would also prevent the Bruins from having to dig into their prospect pool and part with the young talent needed to acquire a proven veteran.

With a shot of his caliber, Donato could prove to be a significant offensive piece for Bruins if they elect to offer him an entry-level contract.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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