For those of you that haven't attended Garden City High School, I'll give you a little background. Garden City is a suburb on Long Island that produces brilliant human beings or All-American athletes. Everyone in between is just average. In Garden City standards I'm average, in my standards I'm phenomenal. This is one of the reasons I have a love/hate relationship with my high school. Maybe it is similar to your high school: majority of the students are white, there are preppy girls, athletes, dumb jocks (yes, they are different than athletes), band enthusiasts, nerds, the stereotypes can go on and on. Maybe my high school is totally different than your high school and yet you still may be able to relate to some of these points. I'll complain about my high school experience because I know I didn't peak in high school. For those who did, you know who you are, and I feel sorry for you. I do try, though, to do my best not to complain about my high school experience because it helped shape who I am today and that person is pretty great. I also got a kick ass education, so thank you parents and teachers for that. For all the people from Garden City that went to the high school maybe you can relate to some of these signs, if not all.

1. You were born with a lacrosse stick or football in your hand.

2. If you’re a girl, you consider a bow a fashion statement.

3. If you’re a boy, you consider high socks and loafers a fashion statement.

4. Some people went to Chaminade and others to Sacred Heart but you knew going to Garden City High School was the move for you.

5. You texted all of your friends or posted on your Facebook wall your freshman year schedule.

6. You scoped out your classes before the first day of freshman year and organized your locker.

7. Freshman year spring fling was like your entree into society.

8. You most likely ended up going with friends because you didn't know how to calmly talk to the opposite sex yet.

9. When they canceled Culture and Foods as a class your heart died a little inside.

10. "Lax bro" takes on a whole new meaning in Garden City.

11. When a sports team unexpectedly won states the whole school was excited and you felt like you were apart of it.

12. GCHS sports went to states way too often.

13. When a girl was wearing a black skirt to school you knew it was game day.

14. Our high school had a sorority...true story.

15. The cool "popular" people were the athletes

16. If you didn't play a varsity level sport at the school what was the point in attending?

17. Low key everyone hated the athletes even though they thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.

18. Although there were some that everyone seemed to know and allowed them to walk on water, you know who you are.

19. The pep rally was the best Friday that ever existed.

20. Pep rally was just extremely weird for everyone who isn't Heedles.

21. Taking AP classes made you realize how many intelligent people went to the school, and how you weren't one of them.

22. You will carry the deep seeded rivalry with Manhasset to your grave.

23. If someone not ivy intelligent went to an Ivy League school you came to the quick realization that it's because they played sports.

24. On the other there were those geniuses that got in based off of grades and you thank them for unknowingly letting you cheat off them.

25. You have more GCHS sports clothing than you know what to do with, and you still rock them to this day.

26. Off periods were your saving grace.

27. Halloween was a time when you assessed people's creativity and boldness (shout out to Katie Trimmer for always having the best Halloween costumes).

28. Friday night football was not a thing but Saturday afternoon everyone showed up for the games.

29. Cutter, Ettinger, and Casale will always be considered Gods of the high school halls.

30. AP psych with Highfill was a cult everyone wanted to be part of.

31. Reb, Izzo, and Fleming are legends.

32. Mr.Defliese or Defo is a name that is brought up at dinner conversations.

33. You thought Chappy was a myth until you played varsity field hockey or lacrosse.

34. Senior cut day was a must

35. That being said, you cut class way too often to the point where you became best friends with the people in the attendance office (thank god for Judy).

36. No one else understands the true meaning of "the swamp".

37. If you didn't participate in the senior prank did you even go to GCHS?

38. Going on a party bus after junior year Winter Wonderland was the bees knees.

39. The picture party at prom made you feel like a celebrity.

40. Promapalooza was the most crowded endeavor of your life.

41. The only time you've been inside the Garden City Hotel was for prom.

42. When you were a senior and could drive you understood the necessity of finding a parking spot that would allow you easy access to leave at the end of the day.

43. If you were not a senior and could drive your new best friend became anyone who was willing to open the math wing door for you since you parked by the football field.

44. You realize that after reading this our town was heavily focused on sports.

45. You return every Thanksgiving for Wednesday night at Leo's.

46. You finally make it when your old enough or cool enough to go to Uptown and judge people from high school.

47. You look forward to the 5 year high school reunion where you can catch up with old friends and of course, continue to judge people.

48. You visit the high school over breaks knowing that your old teachers are the only ones you want to see.

49. Ms. Khan is the best guidance counselor that the high school has to offer. Yes, I had her. No, I am not bias.

50. You find no shame in bragging about our high school because we were ranked #1 on Long Island. It's no big deal because we're used to being awesome.

51. When tragedy struck you realized how grateful you were for the close knit community that was Garden City High School.

52. You have a sense of pride when you show up to a sporting event, musical concert, or play and half the town is there.

53. Looking back you know that you got the best high school education and made friends that will last you a lifetime.