New Year Resolutions

It's 2019, And I'm Sticking To 52 New Year's Resolutions Instead Of One

Why bother if they're never going to last?


"New year, new me."

That's the motto everyone repeats as the clocks strike midnight, and old calendars land in the trash. With a "fresh start" to life, many seem contempt, even motivated, to do better than they had the previous year. As I walk in the halls my first day back at school, I hear murmurs of exciting promises and vows for the months ahead: go vegan for two months, dump social media for good, workout every day, slash toxic relationships, bring up slacking grades.

While these plans may feasible at first, they soon lose their substance as people fall back into the same routine. 2019 will be just like 2018, and I can bet that going vegan will only last a couple days, and Instagram will be back and running in no time.

Every year, my resolutions always seem to be the same, yet by December, I never feel as if I am a changed person. The "satisfaction" of achieving a goal is absent, and I fall back into the endless cycle: I vow to the same promises, fail, feel ashamed and try again. I'm trapped.

So, as odd as it seems, I urge you to drop your resolutions, and embrace a different approach.

Real change should not be forced. The unrealistic goals that change the way you live, look or act is the reason why resolutions are never fulfilled. It's like drinking a Venti Nitro Cold Brew from Starbucks when you loathe the taste of bitter black coffee; you simply cannot achieve something when you don't want to achieve. Thus, what needs to be changed is your mentality, the way you look at the world and how resources can benefit you in the long run.

Make small resolutions throughout the year, one for every week. Thus, you can learn, shape and understand the mentality required to complete that task. This mindset shortens the amount of time you must complete your goal, which forces you to compensate for time and prevent you from putting it off. With a year, you have 52 weeks to say, "Oh, I'll just do it next time." With a week, you don't have much spare time.

Additionally, a temporary goal allows you to set realistic plans that you can see the result of; therefore, you can adjust your actions to improve. Once you improve, you see progress, and progress motivates you to do more, do better and do the best you can. You also presented with a variety of options every week. Maybe one week, you attempt a juice cleanse and another you set aside time for a night out with pasta and friends as a reward for your hard work.

Thus, this year, take it or leave it. It's your choice. It's your year, make the best of it. Good luck.

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10 Things To Do This Summer

Why stay indoors when there is so much to do outside?


With the school year coming to an end, parents and kids are looking for quite literally ANYTHING to do to get out of the house. While some of these ideas are free, some are not - but remember that you are paying for the experience and it is worth every penny!

1. Go swimming at the lake -

Most lakes are free to the public and not too far from your home. Gather up some friends, pack a lunch, and have fun soaking in the sun and splashing in the water for the day.

2. Go camping with friends or family -

Usually rustic camping is cheaper than "glamping". While glamping can be nice (having plumbing and electricity) sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the great outdoors and not worry about social media.

3. Go to the zoo -

Costs can range but who doesn't want to spend the day seeing animals? As someone who works with a zoo, I can guarantee you that you won't be bored seeing animals you don't get to see everyday in your backyard.

4. Go to a museum -

Some are free due to them being nonprofit organizations, but others are not. Many museums do offer different activities or events depending on the month. If you are a fan of history I highly suggest checking out one no matter how big or small.

5. Go to the park -

Toss a frisbee, have a bbq, the possibilities are endless!

6. Have a bonfire -

Tell scary stories and roast some s'mores!

7. Go on a hike -

Fresh air and exercise always go hand in hand...just don't get lost!

8. Go fishing -

If you are a fan of the sport, fishing is always a great way to spend the day with family and friends on the lake.

9. Sleep on the trampoline -

If you have a trampoline, one of the most fun things to do in the summer is sleep on in with your friends in sleeping bags - it's like camping outside on a really weird mattress.

10. Go to a drive in theatre -

Sitting in your car with family or friends watching a movie is always a trip to remember. While it might not be the most comfortable, it still is super fun.

I hope your summer is a blast! Don't forget to put on bug spray and lather up on sunscreen!

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The Movie Watchers

The Types Of People That Watch Movies


This past weekend I saw the movie of the life time, Avengers Endgame. It was the culmination of 10 years in the making and no there will not be any spoilers in this piece of writing. I however noticed the same trends that occurred each time I went to the movies. The I saw the same people, however they were just in different bodily forms. When my eyes were not glued to the screen out of sheer anxiety and thrill, I managed to catch a quick glance at the type of people that plague our good theaters.

To start off, there are always those people that are good people and don't disturb the movie experiences of others. These are the quiet people, the ones who keep their eyes on the movie and focus on nothing else. These are the people we should all aspire to be, with their bloodshot eyes from not blinking as to not miss a single moment of the movie. While I am not always the Eyes Glued To The Screen movie watcher, I can say with assurance that I am a somewhat follower of this rule. I think everyone should learn from these people.

Next comes the traditional On My Phone Like A Idiot in the movie movie watcher. This is by far the most annoying of all the people that come to a movie. Like I came to be entertained and I paid good money for this, I didn't pay 14 dollars and 31 cents to hear some girl gossip on her phone to her friend about how her boyfriend didn't bring her flowers or some middle aged man attempt to close a business deal while his kids were watching the movie. Either leave your business at home or for the courtesy of others, at least leave it outside the theater. No one brings me more anger than these people just because they don't know any common courtesy or manners.

If your at the movie, you might get hungry or thirsty so its normal for people to bring in some food, most typically being popcorn. This is fine and all but don't chew so loudly that it sounds like Jurassic Park to the person next to you. Or don't sip up your drink in such a way that it makes the people around you wonder how your mother raised you. I call this person, the Slurper. Just, be chill and watch the movie. At least your not like the On My Phone Like An Idiot where you're an inconvenience to the whole theater.

Movies are a great way to get distracted from the horrors that are our personal lives. They are solace for some people, giving us a place to escape from reality. So please, don't disturb the kind movie goers who just need a break from that relentless school, job, or even family. Just give them their peace. So sit down, turn off your cellphone, and enjoy the movie.

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