Valentine's Day is a really great holiday to feel in love and happy, but it's also a really good time to feel lonely. It's not the only time it's easy to feel lonely. Christmas, New Year's Eve, any event requiring a date, a party where all your friends seem to have someone and you don't. As a matter of fact, it's very easy to feel lonely in general. But it's just as easy to feel love -- you just have to look for the reasons.

1. When your friend tells you to text them when you get home.

2. When your mom/dad cook your favorite meal for you.

3. When your pets falls asleep on your lap.

4. When someone remembers a random fact about you.

5. When you accomplish a goal you knew would be difficult to reach.

6. When your favorite song comes on the radio.

7. When someone tells you they heard your favorite song on the radio and thought of you.

8. When your cat rubs his head on you to get your attention.

9. When you look really good and know it.

10. When you walk outside and it's your favorite weather outside.

11. When your favorite sports team wins a game.

12. When you get to sleep next to someone you're in love with.

13. When you laugh yourself to tears.

14. When your friends let you cry on their shoulders.

15. When it's your birthday.

16. When your entire family is getting along and having a great time.

17. When you hear a song for the first time and love it instantly.

18. When someone gets you the perfect gift.

19. When you talk to your ex after a long time and it isn't weird.

20. When your significant other starts liking the things you like.

21. When you and your friends are jamming to the same song.

22. When your dog gets really excited to see after not seeing you for a long time.

23. When you know exactly what you want and you can have it.

24. When you're playing your favorite sport.

25. When you're playing a musical instrument.

26. When your friends lend you money when you need it.

27. When you have inside jokes with someone you love.

28. When your parents FaceTime you to say hi just because they miss you.

29. When someone tells you they miss you.

30. When you're your favorite pet's favorite human.

31. When someone compliments you on something you're passionate about.

32. When someone compliments something unique about your appearance.

33. When you do a really good job at work.

34. When someone shows you their favorite TV show/movie/book/song.

35. When you read a book and love it immediately.

36. When you have a good dream about someone you miss.

37. When you become really good friends with your coworkers.

38. When a restaurant/coffee house remembers your usual order.

39. When your significant other takes you to your favorite restaurant.

40. When you make a joke and everyone laughs.

41. When you and your family or your friends watch the same TV show every week together.

42. When someone tags you in a meme on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

43. When you accomplish a difficult fitness goal.

44. When you and your significant other/friend have a "song."

45. When someone comes to visit you even though you live far away.

46. When you see a band you really like perform live.

47. When you watch someone you love do something they love.

48. When you're upset and your pet tries to comfort you.

49. When someone you care about tells you they're proud of you.

50. When you're really proud of yourself.