I'm the type of person who has to get their nails done every two to three weeks, and we all know how awkward it can be to get your nails done or feel the constant struggle of spending 25 minutes just staring at the wide array of nail polish colors to choose from. We've all been there before, so here are some thoughts I'm sure have run through all of your minds as you are getting your nails done.

1. OMG, why are there so many people here right now?

2. 25-minute wait? Ugh, I am going to be sitting here for forever.

3. I guess I'll read one of these Cosmo or Seventeen magazine's from five months ago while I wait.

4. Why did that lady get a manicure before me when I got here first?

5. Why can I never decide on a color?

6. OK, I think I finally decided on one!

7. Should I get gels this time?

8. Wait, it's already my turn?! I'm still stuck choosing between these three colors.

9. Is this really what my nails look like without any polish on it...

10. Wait, just kidding, I actually hate this color it.

11. Is it too late to choose another one...

12. Probably. I guess this army green will have to do.

13. Do I want an accent nail with glitter on it?

14. OMG, can this hand massage please last forever?

15. I wonder what they're talking about...

16. I really wish I spoke their language so I could understand them.

17. Finally, my nails are done!

18. OK, now time to dry. I hope I don't smudge them.

19. Why does this back massage feel like she's trying to rip my shoulders apart...

20. Well, there goes two of my nails ruined.

21. Should I ask her to fix them or do I try and save them myself?

22. No, she looks too busy, I'll just do it myself.

23. Well, that looks way worse than I thought it would. I guess I'll just have to leave it.

24. Pedicure time!

25. Wait, do I put my feet in or not?

26. Why does the water in this tub always feel like it's going to burn my feet off?

27. Should my toes be a different color than my nails or should I match the color?

28. Why do they keep pointing at my feet and laughing at them?

29. Wait, is what my heels actually look like...

30. I guess I understand what they're laughing about.

31. Here comes the foot scrub.

32. Do I tell her I'm ticklish now, or do I just sit here and pretend I'm not about to burst out laughing.

33. Wait a second...I totally forgot to shave my legs.

34. Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

35. Oh, well. I'm sure they've encountered worse.

36. Wait, I never picked out a color for my toes!

37. She's almost done with the massage, so I better choose one fast.

38. Surprisingly, this color actually doesn't look bad. I actually kind of like it.

39. Wait, maybe I don't...

40. Well, it's too late to go back now.

41. Wait, how much is all going to cost?

42. Why didn't I ask before...

43. Annnd, I forgot to take out cash...

44. Maybe I could just put the tip on the card.

45. I'm hungry and thirsty.

46. Oh, no, someone is calling me...

47. I wonder if I got any texts or any new likes on my Instagram picture.

48. This has literally been the longest time I've gone without checking my phone.

49. Oh, thank God I can put a tip on my card.

50. If my nails chip by tomorrow, I am actually going to flip out.

Although the nail salon can get a little crazy at times, we will always go back because we know there is no one else on this planet who will make our nails look this good.