Maybe it is because I am not a make up guru and could care less for expensive things, but too many people are focusing more on the materialistic things like what Kylie comes out with, and not about the real things that defines life. There's more to life than what meets the eye.

1. To make more decisions based on your heart and not by your pride.

2. To love more than to be hateful.

3. Learning how to dance without music.

4. Being yourself

5. For racism to end and be taught that it's not okay.

6. To have more children smiling.

7. More respect for others.

8. For others to take responsibility for their actions.

9. For the war to end, soldiers to come home, and reunite with their families.

10. A solution to climate change.

11. To teach that hatred is NOT okay.

12. More people like drunk college girls in the bathroom of fraternity parties... friendly.

13. More time enjoying life now and less time worrying about 10 years from now.

14. More tolerance for surrounding situations you cannot control.

15. More hope that everything will be okay.

16. Less fighting with strangers because you don't agree.

17. To enjoy the little things like the flowers in the park.

18. To have more animals to love on.

19. A cure for all terminal illnesses.

20. One last goodbye to those we lost so sudden.

21. Higher education to be a lot cheaper.

22. To not focus so much on material things.

23. To love with a whole heart, and not hold back.

24. Jump on two when you count to three.

25. To stop rushing your life and live for this moment.

26. Get to know your neighbors and care for them.

27. To find that one person who pushes you past your limit.

28. To believe in something when you feel lost.

29. More vacation time when work or school piles on you.

30. For salads to be $5 so you don't gain that extra three pounds.

31. To read more books to escape the world.

32. More politicians who care more for their government and the people than their bank accounts.

33. Second chances.

34. The acceptance of others.

35. More families to be happy.

36. More veterans to be loved.

37. To stop focusing on what makes us all different and more on how to love each other.

38. Drink more water.

39. To love yourself because there is no one else like you.

40. Sing in the shower like you're the next American Idol.

41. To focus on yourself and not the next person.

42. More respect for our elders.

43. Motivation to go out and be great against all odds.

44. More beach days.

45. Happier living.

46. More friends to go through life with.

47. Better morals and ethics to go by.

48. More avocados so guacamole is not extra!!

49. To listen with our hearts and not just our ears.

50. A whole lot of Jesus. (Or whatever you believe in)