50 Things Rutgers Students Say All Too Often

If you go to Rutgers, you know first hand how challenging it can be to juggle eighteen credits, and know when it’s time to put down the books and live it up. You know the heart-wrenching agony of watching the Weekend 1 bus pass you by, knowing the next one won’t be there for another half an hour. You’ve persevered when Brower was inedible and survived on grilled chicken alone. You’ve braved all-nighters at the library during finals when the only real substance in your body was coffee.

Here are 50 things that will probably come out of your mouth at some point during your studies at “The Rut”:

1. “Wanna go to Brower?”

2. “Brower sucks.”

3. “Brower has good cereal and ice cream, but that’s about it.”

4. “Whatever, I’m getting ABP.”

5. “I could really go for some Hansel right now.”

6. “I wish Hansel took meal swipes.”

7. “Can I get two slices of chicken bacon ranch?”

8. “I love the DCC!”

9. “If I lived on Livi, I would eat sooo much.”

10. “When’s the next LX coming?”

11. “The next bus doesn’t come for fifteen minutes.”

12. “Where did the bus driver go?”

13. “The College Hall bus stop is a nightmare.”

14. “I’m squeezing on this bus. I don’t care, I need to get to class!”

15. “I hate the weekend buses.”

16. “I need coffee.”

17. “I’m so tired.”

18. “I literally got no sleep last night.”

19. “I need to do laundry so badly.”

20. “I should probably go to the gym.”

21. “The Easton Ave gym is so much better!”

22. “The College Ave gym is so much better!”

23. “Can you take my iClicker?”

24. “If you need me, I’ll be at Alex for the next five hours.”

25. “I’m so stressed.”

26. “I have three exams coming up this week.”

27. “I can’t go out, I have an orgo exam tomorrow.”

28. “Are you going out tonight?”

29. “What are you wearing?”

30. “Can I look at your crop tops?”

31. “Can I borrow this?”

32. “I need a good Insta tonight.”

33. “Where’s the juice?”

34. “Want to take a shot with me?”

35. “Can you play ‘Hotline Bling’?”

36. “What happened last night?”

37. “I can’t believe I didn’t throw up last night.”

38. “Did you black out?”

39. “I went out way too much this weekend. I’m dead.”

40. “Is RUWireless working for you?”

41. “Webreg is down.”

42. “The homework is on Sakai.”

43. “Do you know when we have to register for classes by?”

44. “What are good GPA boosting classes?”

45. “I dropped the class because he got bad reviews on Rate My Professor.”

46. “Did you take Theater Appreciation? How was it?”

47. “Where are you living this year?”

48. “OMG, I lived there last year! You’re gonna love it.”

49. “You live on Busch? I’m so sorry.”

50. “F@*# PENN STATE!!!”

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