50+ Tech abbreviations I wish I knew earlier
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50+ Tech abbreviations I wish I knew earlier


50+ Tech abbreviations I wish I knew earlier

It's always hard being a Developer. When learning to code and being in the community

50+ Tech abbreviations I wish I knew earlier

It's always hard being a Developer. When learning to code and being in the community, there are many short forms we hear but it's hard to guess sometimes. Some months back I had the same experience. But now I know some abbreviations you can see below, hope they will help you.

●SMM : Social Media Marketing (It is the utilization of online media stages to associate with your crowd to fabricate your image, increment deals, and drive site traffic.)

●ISP : Internet Service Provider (an organization that gives Internet associations and administrations to people and associations.)

●CMS : Content Management System (It is an application that is utilized to oversee web content, permitting numerous supporters of make, alter and distribute.)

●TCP : Transmission Control Protocol (It is a transport convention that is utilized on top of IP to guarantee solid transmission of bundles.)

●NDA : Nondisclosure Agreement(It is an official agreement that sets up a classified relationship )

●LMS : Learning management system(It is a computerized learning climate that deals with all parts of an organization's different preparing endeavors.)

●SaaS : Software As A Service(It permits clients to interface with and use cloud-based applications over the Internet. )

●RSS : Really Simple Syndication(it permits clients and applications to get to updates to sites in a normalized, PC lucid configuration.)

●AWS : Amazon Web Services(It offers solid, versatile, and reasonable distributed computing administrations. Allowed to join, pay just for what you use.)

●IoT : Internet of things(It alludes to an arrangement of interrelated, web associated objects that can gather and move information over a remote organization without human intercession. )

●PaaS : Platform As a Service(as the name recommends, gives you figuring stages which normally incorporates working framework, programming language execution climate, information base, web worker and so forth)

●AMI : Amazon Machine Engine

●CSRF : Cross Site Request Forgery

●SEO : Search engine Optimization

●SMO : Social Media Optimization

●TLS : Transport Layer Security

●SQL : Structured Query Language

●CSS : Cascading Style Sheet

●HTML : Hyper Text Markup Language

●JS : JavaScript

●ToS : Terms Of Service

●SERP : Search Engine Result Page

●SSO : Single Sign-on

●SSL : Security Socket Layer

●WYSIWYG : What You See Is What You Get

●DDoS : Distributed Denial Of Services

●MFA : Multi-factor authentication

●S3 : Simple Storage System

●JDK : Java Development Kit

●AI : Artifical Intelligence

●ML : Machine learning

●CV : Curriculum Vitae

●JSON : JavaScript Object Notation

●XML : Extensible Markup Language

●SDK : Software Development Kit

●XSS : Cross-site Scripting

●CI/CD : Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

●SSH : Secure Shell

●CTA : Call to action

●DNS : Domain Name System

●HTTPS : HyperText Transport Protocol Secure

●OSS : Open Source Software

●FaaS : Function as-a-Service

●PPC : Pay Per Click

●IP : Internet Protocol

●B2B/C : Business to business/consumer

●CNAME : Canonical Name

●GA : Google Analytics

●WP : WordPress

●CTR : Click through rate

●AMA : Ask Me Anything

●CPM : Conversion per 1000 impressions

●VCS : Version Control System

●SVG : Scalable Vector Graphics

●CDN : Content Delivery Network

●CPC : Cost per click

●API : Application Programming Interface

Slazzer - background remover

Slazzer is an AI-enabled tool that utilizes advanced computer vision algorithms to remove and change image background in just a few seconds.

Why Slazzer?

You can either utilize it on the web or download their application to deal with pictures in bulk.

It additionally has plugins directly in Photoshop, Sketch, WooCommerce, and Figma for a similar interaction yet across various stages.

Slazzer offers their API too, which can remove background with a single API call

Thank you for Reading, above I have explained what are necessary ones and left the common ones, if you still need to know just comment it down, I'll add them ASAP. If you gotta add something here, please comment it down below and share your knowledge.

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