50 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Break Up

1. We still love each other

2. We've been dating for two and a half years

3. People would talk

4. What would our parents think?

5. I'd miss your dog

6. We're still attracted to each other

7. It'd make things weird between us

8. Our story is amazing and it deserves a happy ending

9. Everyone would be shocked

10. One of us would move on before the other

11. When one of us is dating someone else there *will* be jealous involved

12. Why are we even breaking up?

13. We are cute together

14. You're my best friend

15. It'd be weird when I go to hang out with your sister

16. My family would ask about you

17. Have we actually tired working this out?

18. I know, we've been fighting lust for a long time, but are we really going to let it take us out?

19. There's still happiness here

20. Prom is coming up

21. Will life really be better without me?

22. I wouldn't be able to look at you the same way

23. Face it, you love my blonde hair and would miss it

24. Are we sure it's what God is calling us to?

25. We had a "love at first sight" story

26. You fit in perfectly with my family

27. My parents would lose trust in you

28. Your parents would lose trust in me

29. If we can't work it out now, how will we work out future problems like this if/when we get married?

30. We will probably get back together (you know that)

31. This is easier than I thought... there's more reasons to stay together than to break up

32. We both know we actually want to make this work

33. It took 2.5 years for me to annoy you *severely*!

34. I want to tell my kids, two people can survive anything when they are in love

35. I want to be living examples of it (34)

36. When I go to boot camp, is this what you want me to remember?

37. There would be sooo much grieving on both ends

38. You once told me if we broke up you would become depressed, we don't want depression!

39. You're my other half

40. A relationship is over when you no longer see a future with that person, I still see a future with you

41. I know you still feel the same way about me as you did when we meant

42. You'd miss my dogs

43. You help connect me with things I love and missed. I'm not ready to let that go!

44. I'm petty, savage, and passive aggressive in general, I'll be worse as an ex.

45. After we break up things would be awkward and broken

46. I like to prove people wrong.. I literally have a list in my phone of people to invite to our wedding, simply because at one point they said we wouldn't last.

47. We still can talk like nothing is wrong

48. You overall make me a better person

49. I know you still love me

50. Coming up with these reasons was insanely easy, would you like me to try for 100?

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