5 Word tricks that will help you present your work

5 Word tricks that will help you present your work

Tips to improve the professionalism of our university jobs.


>> The Microsoft program has become a reference for the writing of documents.

>> Its versatility and compatibility with different devices and operating systems are one of its best qualities.

>> It is not necessary to be an expert to present quality works.

The basic product of the Microsoft Office package is already known all over the world. Many of us use it daily to work, be it at school, university or in the office. But the program has been evolving and many times we can not understand it or we do not take all the advantage that we could give in the presentation of important documents. A website called SoftwareKeep, From there you can Purchase Microsoft Word.

It is not necessary to be an expert in office automation to give a more professional touch to our work. So let's see a few Word tricks to make the most of it.

1.- Cover

When opening the Word, the program gives us the option to choose different formats for the elaboration of documents. Normally we give a "blank sheet", without going over the other possibilities.

It is possible to create the covers of our work easily with Word options. In these templates, the typography, the font size, and the appropriate spaces are already predetermined so that we only change the content, as well as the space reserved for the image.

2.- Header, footer, and numbering

Details that will be appreciated by anyone who has to read the document you submit. These guides also give a more academic touch to your work. These options are found in the Insert tab, located in the upper left, next to the home.

3.- Columns and tables

They serve to divide and organize the information the content of our document. Many times it is easier to understand what we read when the most relevant is presented in blocks, besides being more pleasing to the eye.

The function to divide into columns is found in the top page design tab, while the tables are in the Insert tab.

4.- Final document overview

Sometimes, by making long writings and modifying them, the structure of the document is lost. Many times we realize in the end when we have already presented the work and it is already too late.

Within the upper view tab, we have the option to see all our work to one or several pages. Very practical tool, especially if we have tables, graphs or images inside the document.

5.- Export as PDF

Although one of the advantages offered by Word is its compatibility with various devices, programs, and operating systems, sometimes our work may suffer alterations in design or typography when opened on another computer.

To avoid this catastrophe, it is recommended that when we finish our project, besides saving it, we export it in PDF format. This will ensure that the file will open as we left it the last time. This option can be found in File -> Save as Adobe PDF.

These tricks help us to save time and improve the presentation of our work. But remember that content is king and that depends only on you.

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Hanukkah Is Overlooked More And More Each Year And I'm Sick Of It

I shouldn't have to feel like my holiday means nothing.


It seems that every year when it comes time to shop for Hanukkah decorations there is less and less. It's quite frustrating and makes me feel like stores don't care about my holiday.

This year was especially hard as there was next to nothing.

My mom went to at least five different stores and no one had anything. Someone even told her to maybe check the dollar store. Meanwhile everywhere has rows of Christmas stuff. If there even is any Hanukkah stuff, it's in a small section that you practically have to hunt for.

I remember last year at Target looking for a couple of cards. The whole row was Christmas, but at the very end — only three cards wide and four cards down — were Hanukkah cards. A small patch of blue. I was not only irritated but hurt.

My favorite thing — and I say that with a much sarcasm as I can — is when they have random things like applesauce with the display. I get that we typically eat applesauce with latkes, but come on — that's just annoying.

The part that really makes me laughs is when they have Hanukkah stockings or ornaments. Are you kidding me? You're turning my holiday into something it's not. We don't fill stockings and we don't have anything to hang ornaments on.

My family went to several different stores and were disappointed each time to find absolutely nothing.

I was looking for gelt — chocolate coins — because the kids at the daycare I work at love to play dreidel. Once again, nowhere to be found. Luckily — of course in the middle of Hanukkah — I was able to find some at CVS. I almost missed it because as usual the small two shelves worth of stuff was hidden on an end.

We have already planned to do online shopping to find things next year, which is absolutely ridiculous. We shouldn't have to do that. We should be able to shop in stores as everyone else does.

We should also be able to possibly do all our shopping in one store instead of going to several.

I get that the majority celebrates Christmas, but the least people could be a little more considerate of other religions. I also would like it if more people said "Happy Holidays." Once again, just being considerate of others and realizing that not everyone celebrates that same holiday.

I'm just hurt. I'm irritated and sad that my holiday seems to mean less to people each year. I try to calm myself and accept the fact that that's just how it is, but I shouldn't have to. I shouldn't have to settle.

For all my fellow Jews out there, what's it like in your area? Do your stores have more options, or does it seem like everything for you too?

For all the people who celebrate Christmas, I would like it if you tried to think about my holiday just a tad more. Wish people Happy Holidays instead of just a Merry Christmas.

For all the stores out there, please don't forget about us.

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How Getting Fired Can Be a Good Thing

Whatever the reason, getting fired will make you rethink what you really want to do with your life.


When you're part of the business world, whether you're working as an assistant or as a partner, there are many challenges you face. Sometimes, you don't get enough funding for a big project, and you have to start from square one. Other times, you might go completely bankrupt, which is a nightmare for any entrepreneur, even if it's a reality that many have to face. And sometimes, you end up sitting in front of your boss, thinking everything's going great, and suddenly they tell you that you're fired. Maybe it's a gentler version, like saying you've been laid off because the company's running out of money.

Whatever the reason for you losing your job, though, it still stings. And it can feel like you're starting from scratch, and like you aren't worth much. And then there's the stress of not being able to pay your rent or bills and having to cut back on expenses. But getting fired can be a good thing.

You know the job was not "right" anyway

Chances are that if you got fired from a job, one of two things happened: the job wasn't a good fit despite how hard you were trying, or a superior in the office didn't want you working there. Either way, this means that what you were doing wasn't right for you. For example, if you're an independent worker who tends to work on projects on your own time, but a large part of your position was teamwork and planning, you probably felt drained at the end of each day. And if you aren't getting along with someone in the office, you're probably better off leaving before things get worse.

Considering that companies are firing workers faster than they're hiring them in the US, getting fired is nothing to be ashamed of. Think about this as an opportunity to reflect on why this job wasn't the right fit, so that next time you apply for one that's better.

You can focus on things besides work

Because there are financial factors at play, you can't completely forget about work the second you get fired. You still need to update your résumé and start job hunting. But, remember: unemployment is a time when you can have a little extra space for yourself. If you've been having trouble making time for family, you can pick up your kids from school and see them at soccer practice. The same goes for those romantic date nights that you kept forgetting to schedule or going to the gym.

In 2016, 67 percent of gym memberships went unused, so even if you're not making any extra money now, you can make up for what you lost by not going before! To make sure you're making the best use of this "unscheduled" time, keep a schedule. Spend a certain number of hours a day doing what you love, and dedicate at least four or five to job applications. You can even start seeing a psychologist like Adam Zwig if you didn't have time to take care of your mental health before.

You can start thinking about your dream job

When you've just gotten fired, it's easy to get super stressed and think you desperately need a job that's a lot like the one you had before, because that's what you have experience doing. But getting fired is an opportunity to think about what's the best fit for you. Draw up a list of pros and cons of your position, and think of a job that has all the pros but none of the cons. Sit down with your partner or roommate and brainstorm what kinds of jobs you'd be good at. Take some quizzes online, too, to find out what career advice websites think you'd be suited to.

Oftentimes, our dream job is right under our nose. If you spend weekends volunteering at a homeless shelter and just got fired from an editing job, maybe you could start writing grants for NGOs. If you have a dream job but you're afraid to tell anyone, don't tell. Just write it down, and when you're ready, Google it to find out what background you need to do it. You might be surprised. For example, if you want to work remotely and travel around the world, there are lots of free UX design and social media certifications you can earn online to get you ready for this line of work.

Remember, the unemployment rate hit a rare low of 3.9 percent last May, so you're sure to find something that works for you very soon. It's worth taking the extra time to find the right fit.

As you can see, getting fired can be a good thing, despite the bad news it seems to be. What other times have you found yourself surprised by something bad in the workplace ultimately becoming a good thing?

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