5 Weird Differences About Moving Into College as a Sophomore

Moving into school as a freshman was just about the most exciting, nerve wracking, overwhelming experience ever. There were new people everywhere, a new place you would be living in, and scariest of all, no parents by your side to help guide you through this next step in your life. While I still remember those freshman year jitters, the experience of moving in as a sophomore is a much more calming one. There are no nerves, jitters, or feelings of total overwhelment during this move, in fact, you've probably been waiting for it for quite some time now.

1. You don't have much to buy


Whereas freshman year felt like you were buying out most of Staples, Target, and Home Depot, sophomore year comes with a lot less purchasing. I am so grateful for everything that I neatly packed in boxes from my freshman year, and I'm realizing that other than a few boxes of cereal and a toothbrush, I really have NOTHING new that I need to buy. Disappointing for the shopaholic side of me, but a big score for my bank account.

2. You already know so many people


Moving in freshman year meant meeting all new people and leaving your friends at home, but moving in sophomore year is almost like coming home to all of your friends. It makes the experience much more exciting, and knowing that you won't possibly be spending the first night curled up in a ball all alone in your room makes it that much easier to head back to school.

3. You already know campus


You no longer need a map to get through your campus, you're able to show your family and friends around like it's your own home (because technically it is). You know exactly where all of your classe are, where you'll be living, you've probably even seen the room before you decided that you were going to be living there. You aren't on foreign ground anymore, this place is like a second home.

4. You aren't nervous about leaving your family and friends


You've already spent a year navigating how to stay in touch with your closest friends and family members, and at this point you've probably got calling everyone down to a science. It might be a little different getting used to talking to them with your new schedule, but you know that they'll always be there for you if you need an ear to listen.

5. This place has become your home


At the end of the day, you learned how to call this place your home. After living there for a year and making so many awesome new bonds with friends and mentors, there is no doubt that your school isn't just a school anymore. And if anyone asks you if you regret choosing your school, you can say now with confidence that there is no place in the world you'd rather be.

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