5 tips to calm the anxiety attacks

Anxiety really is torturous. It happens anywhere and any time of day. It ranges from small to big, but truly sucks when the anxiety is so large to the point where it becomes an attack. Here are five things to do if you have a very bad anxiety attack and you need to calm down.

Seriously, BREATHE

It is hard to stop and breathe during an anxiety attack. But if you can seriously take a step back, breathe in for 5 seconds, out for 10, 3 times, it will do you wonders. Remember, do not let the anxiety win.


Mindfulness - Be in the moment

Be present. Remember to take a step back, feel the sensations and emotions. It is okay to cry, just remember why you are crying so then you can eventually stop.


Focus on the things around you

Focus on objects around you. Stare at the wall even. This helps take mind of the anxiety you are upset about.


Think of your happy place

My happy place is Hershey Park and my parents. I always think about them during my anxiety attacks and I feel ten times better and less sad.


Rest, if possible

Napping won't take away the problem, but will take away the anxiety for some time, which is relieving. Close you eyes and rest and calm you mind.


I use these techniques to calm my large anxiety attacks and I hope they help you as well.

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