Shopping is hard. It's been a struggle for me ever since I was little. Rows upon rows of clothing were boring and overwhelming, not to mention expensive. But sadly enough, it must be done. While I have learned how to tolerate shopping over the years, it's still not the first thing I would choose to do for fun. However, I've figured out some ways to make it fun.

Whether you're the one waiting for your mom/sister/friend to try on "just one more thing" (she said that 10 minutes ago!) or the unlucky guy I see wandering around Forever 21 with his girlfriend, or your self-esteem is rapidly dropping because nothing fits, there is hope. Before you give up completely and go join a nudist colony, here are some survival tips that just might make your next shopping trip a blast.

1. Model in every article of clothing you try on. Even if it looks terrible.

Be as goofy or serious as you please. Pop that knee out! Throw your head back! Let your hair down! Work it!

2. Bribe yourself with food.

Or visiting puppies. Or playing video games. Whatever works. Let it spur you onward. Let it remind you that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

3. Dance. Always.

Pretend you're in a music video. Sing to yourself in the mirror. Dance your way out of the changing room. Jazzercise is included in this.

4. Challenge your friends to find the stupidest outfit possible...and try it on.

Skinny gold jeans? Leather shirt with spikes around the collar? Overly fluffy white vest? Perfect. Take pictures in said outfit. And send them to me, please.

5. Remember that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and size is relative.

Sizes say nothing about your body, because they are different in basically every brand. Mirrors lie. I promise you this isn't how other people see you, and it isn't how you should see yourself. Because you are awesome.

If I can do this, so can you. Put up your dukes, keep your head high, and say: