As the new year approaches us, it is crucial to begin to think about setting some goals for yourself.

As you know, time flies by so fast sometimes and when we look back we are stuck with the question, "What did I accomplish this year?" which isn't always the best feeling. When this new year starts, you have a chance right now to set goals for yourself that you can and will accomplish!

Goals are important because they act as little landmarks along the journey of life to measure your progress. Here are a few ways to achieve your goals in 2018!

1. Set Dates

When do you want to achieve this by? How long do you think it will take you? By giving yourself a time frame to accomplish your goal, which leads to my next tip.

2. Make Them Measurable

How will you be able to measure your progress? If you are trying to find a job by May, how many jobs do you want to apply to by March 1st? Measure them so that you can see how you are doing along the way to keep you motivated.

3. Talk About Them

Share your dreams, thoughts, plans, and ideas with people. When people tell me what their goals are, I never doubt them. Talk about them as if you are already accomplishing it rather than saying, "I am trying" or "Maybe someday" Don't try, do. And don't say "someday" because someday is today.

4. Make A Vision Board

Look at it like it's real and act like you already have it. Make a slide deck or grab a poster board and put pictures of the things you want up. Looking at it every day will help your goals come to fruition.

5. Write Them Down Clearly

Clearly, write out and articulate what it is that you want to accomplish and write about your progress every day. The more you write about them make them clear to yourself, the easier you will be able to accomplish them.

It is the time for new beginnings! Set some goals for yourself and put yourself up for the challenge. Believe in yourself because anything you set your mind to, you will accomplish.