Finally, summer has arrived and let me tell you how great it feels to not have to worry about impending assignments, tests, or where your life is going at this point. When I was younger, summer was filled with working on the farm or doing other jobs, but most of the time I was having fun without having to worry about school. However, now that I have gone through college, my summers have become more stress latent than I would like for them to be. I have had to take summer classes for the past three summers, and this summer is more stressful as I am studying for the MCAT! So, it is very reasonable to see that it can be very hard to stay motivated sometimes. However, we have to remember that what we are working towards a certain goal, but sometimes es we need help with motivation!

1. Take A Break

It is very important to give yourself a break everyone once in a while because you need to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

2. Talk To Your Mentor/Advisor

Whatever it is that you are working towards, you should have some sort of mentor or at least someone that you can talk to along your way. Whether it would be an academic counselor or even a parent, talking to someone can really help to rebuild your motivation and get you right back on your path.

3. Go Back To The Place (Or Person) That Motivated You In The First Place

If you seem to be losing your motivation, it could be very helpful to go back to the very source of your motivation! It's almost like revisiting where you came and reminding yourself of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

4. Go Do Something That You Love To Do

This goes along with taking a break, but this is very important because you can't stress yourself over one thing. Your form of recovery could be doing something else to just get your mind off whatever it is you are stressed about. Whether it would be going for a walk outside or going to a movie with friends! Or baking!

5. Listen To Motivational Speeches (Or Read One)

This may be a last resort for some people, but it can also be a very helpful one at that. There are plenty of speeches online that you can find that would just perfect for your situation. Whether it would be Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I had a dream" speech or listening to a university commencement speech.