Winter seems to be the season of giving and love but it is also the season where people can feel the most vulnerable and in need of help and company. If you want to give back this holiday season, consider these five easy things you can do to give back to the community:

1. Volunteer at a nursing home

The elderly can get very lonely without a family visit, so they would absolutely love it if someone volunteered their time to visit them during the holidays. It makes them feel so much better and you'll be surprised by how much they appreciate it.

2. Start or donate to a food drive

No one should go hungry, period. Consider donating to your local food drive or starting one yourself. Always make sure the food people donate can actually be eaten and donated — people have the tendency to give expired canned food.

3. Donate clothes to the homeless

Being homeless during the winter is one of the most devastating things to witness. They are cold and in need of shelter and food. The homeless would appreciate any form of clothing donating — you can even donate to your local Goodwill for people of low income to buy clothes and other items.

4. Give out treats or gifts to individuals

The season of giving during the holidays is the obvious best time to give treats and gifts to make someone days. Buy a gift for your local mailman, nurse, coworkers, parents, the list is endless.

5. Volunteer at the animal shelter

Animals get lonely too and are always in need of a home and just simple company. Go take time out of your day to play with the lonely puppies — you may even consider adopting!

Make your winter better by doing one of these five things. Not only will you feel super good, but you'll also be doing good.