5 Things To Help Your Homesickness

It has been about a month since school started. With school going full force and Parent's Weekend quickly approaching, it's likely you might be feeling homesick. While it's something that most everyone goes through, you still want to find solutions to help you feel better. Here are five things to do when you are feeling a little homesick these next couple of weeks.

1. Remember that it's natural.

Feeling homesick is a natural thing to experience after leaving home. Just remember that lots of people feel the same way as you at some point.

2. Try to get involved on campus.

One of the best ways to deal with being homesick is by getting involved with groups on campus. No matter what organization or group you get involved with, you're 100% more likely to feel at home on campus. Through your involvement, you are going to be able to find people with similar interests. It will also help to occupy some of your time.

3. Call home.

Even when you're feeling homesick, don't forget to call home. I call home at least once a day and it honestly makes me feel better. When I call home, I can talk freely about whatever may be bothering me and it keeps me connected to my family even though I'm not with them.

4. Explore your surroundings.

Exploring your new surroundings is another good way to deal with feeling homesick. As a military kid, I moved around a lot, so I know that places often don't start to feel like home until you really begin to explore what's around. Take this time to walk through campus or go try a popular restaurant near campus.

5. Talk to someone.

Whether it's a friend from high school, your roommate or your RA, you can always talk to someone about how you're feeling.

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