5 Ways To Successfully Fast For Yom Kippur

So every year I find myself struggling to fast for Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday. "Fasting is an opportunity for each of us to observe Yom Kippur in a most personal way. It is a day of intense self-searching and earnest communication with the Almighty. This search requires an internal calm which derives from slowing down our biological rhythm. Fasting on Yom Kippur provides the key to our inner awakening."

"On Yom Kippur we seek reconciliation with God and humanity. " https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/why-fast/

Fasting is not easy, so here are 5 tips to fast for next year that hopefully work!



Sleeping all day is not always the best idea, but on this occasion it is suitable enough.

2. Get involved in a project or activity that is time consuming


Start a large building or art project or get involved in a book to take you away from the food, Even binge watching TV can help.

3. Go somewhere un-surrounded by food


Go to the park, the library, the beach, the boardwalk, do chores, ANYTHING where you are not tempted to eat.

Go to temple all day


Being surrounded by other individuals who are fasting while getting involved in prayer will distract you from eating.

5. Remember why you are doing it!


Remember why you are fasting in the first place, to ask God for forgiveness and to be holy on one of the holiest Jewish holidays of the year.

Happy fasting!

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